Videos – SMQ – 500 Series

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Episode 501: British Medallion, Part I

In this episode, learn about British-style “frame” quilts and how Marianne used freezer paper to speed up the construction of her magnificent medallion. (SMQ magazine, January 1998)

Episode 502: 502 – British Medallion, Part II

Liz and Marianne show you how to quick-cut Hourglass and Square-in-square units for Marianne’s British Frame Quilt. (SMQ magazine, January 1998)

Episode 503: French Country Strippy Quilt

In this episode, learn about “strippy” sets and how to construct them. Marianne and Liz share methods for cutting and joining setting pieces and border strips. You’ll love their elegant basket quilt. (SMQ magazine, January 1998)

Episode 504: Snowflake Appliqué

In this episode, learn the ins and outs of needle-turn appliqué, including pattern and fabric preparation, basting, and stitching techniques. (SMQ magazine, January 1998)

Episode 505: Kites Day Baby Quilt

Everyone loves Liz’s adorable kite quilt, made up in bright, whimsical prints. Learn how to piece the simple kite and tail sections and how to couch the ribbons for the tail. (SMQ magazine, March 1998)

Episode 506: Fun & Easy String Piecing

Strip sets and quick cutting make this quilt easy, fast, and fun. Learn Liz’s trick for joining blocks with sashing. (SMQ magazine, March 1998)

Episode 507: Curved Seam Piecing

You’ll never be afraid of curved seams again after you see Liz and Marianne’s methods for stacking, cutting and joining curved units. Get some tips on working with unusual fabrics. (SMQ magazine, March 1998)

Episode 508: Basic Settings–House That Jack Built

Liz and Marianne use a simple traditional block, The House That Jack Built, to help you understand basic straight and diagonal quilt settings, with sashing and without. (SMQ magazine, March 1998)

Episode 509: 1930s Tulip Appliqué

In this episode, Marianne and Liz share a lovely antique floral quilt and demonstrate their tried and true methods for preparing and stitching stems and leaves. (SMQ magazine, May 1998)

Episode 510: Professional Machine Quilting

Learn the latest trends and methods developed for working with an American-style professional quilting machine.

Episode 511: Take-Along Pressing Mat

Every quilter needs this handy, portable rotary cutting and pressing mat you can make yourself in a jiffy. (SMQ magazine, July 1998)

Episode 512: Keep Your Sewing Machine Happy

Brush out that lint! Use that oil! Marianne and Liz offer expert tips and advice on how to keep your sewing machine running smoothly, how to adjust tension, how to choose the right needle, how to take your machine on a trip, and what you should never, ever do. They’ll also demonstrate Liz’s method for beginning and ending your quilt binding with no overlap! (SMQ magazine, July 1998)

Episode 513: U.S.A. Forever Quilt

Enjoy Liz and Marianne’s super-patriotic flag wall quilt, perfect for displaying year-round. Learn how to embellish your quilts with free-form appliqué letters. (SMQ magazine, July 1998)