Videos – SMQ – 400 Series

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Episode 401: Kid’s Quilting Projects

In this episode, Liz and Marianne share nifty small sewing projects to create with kids. Requiring simple materials and not much time, these items, including a Swedish heart basket, are perfect for Scout troops, 4-H kids, or your own busy kids. (SMQ magazine, November ’96 and January ’97)

Episode 402: Flannel Patchwork

In this episide, Marianne and Liz are making quilts from soft, cozy cotton flannels is a hot new trend among quiltmakers. The quilts can be homey, masculine, and bold. Fons & Porter give tips on working with flannel, including choosing patterns and setting up your machine. (SMQ magazine, November ’96)

Episode 403: Sugar Plum Christmas Quilt

Everyone needs a special quilt for Christmas. Liz based hers on a traditional Sugar Loaf pattern, creating rows of trees on a red background. Learn how to handle the many diamonds in this forest of Christmas trees. (SMQ magazine, November ’96)

Episode 404: Smoothing Iron Quilt

Smoothing Iron is a traditional patchwork pattern named for the “sad irons” women used to press clothing in the 1800s. Liz and Marianne show you how to cut patchwork units from strips and how to create these unusual, triangular “blocks.” (SMQ magazine, November ’96)

Episode 405: Basic Rotary Cutting

Knowing how to use a rotary cutter and its accompanying cutting mat and special rulers is a key to today’s successful quiltmaking. Liz and Marianne share the basics for accurate, safe cutting and show how to cut straight strips and basic shapes. (Quilter’s Complete Guide)

Episode 406: Mardi Gras Quilt

Marianne and Liz created a delightful, festive setting for rather ordinary Dutchman Puzzle blocks by adding Pinwheel sashing squares and brighter colors. Fons & Porter’s favorite “diagonal seams” methods makes cutting a snap for this quilt. (SMQ magazine, January ’97)

Episode 407: Lone Star Patchwork, Part I

Fons & Porter share a stunning Lone Star Medallion quilt made by Fern Stewart. Learn how to choose fabrics, plan placement, create strip sets, and piece diamonds for the star. (SMQ magazine, March ’97)

Episode 408: Lone Star Patchwork, Part II

Marianne and Liz take the challenging Lone Star pattern steps further, creating the central star by joining diamond units, and sharing Liz’s no-fail way to set-in the squares and triangles that complete the stunning star. (SMQ magazine, March ’97)

Episode 409: Designs for Machine Quilting

In this episode, explore the latest in commercial-style machine quilting with Liz and Marianne. Learn how professional quilters choose quilting designs that enhance the quilt’s pattern. (SMQ magazine, July ’97)

Episode 410: Pretty Peony Quilt

In this episode, enjoy a classic floral pattern that includes both patchwork and appliqué. Learn techniques for cutting and piecing and some tips on working with diagonally-set blocks. (SMQ magazine, May ’97)

Episode 412: Putting a Quilt in a Frame

Viewers keep writing with requests for a program that will take them step-by-step through installing a quilt in a floor frame for hand quilting. Liz and Marianne deliver the answers with lots of tips for making it easy. (Quilter’s Complete Guide)

Episode 413: Courthouse Square Quilt

This charming two-block quilt is sure to please with its multi-color combination of plaids and prints, stars, moons, and a patriotic courthouse. Learn how to construct the blocks and add folk art appliqué. (SMQ magazine, July ’97)