Love of Quilting TV Show – 3000 Series

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting 3000 SeriesIn this series we present quilts created to honor our service men and women, as well as lessons about silk dupioni, crazy quilting, a bit of embellishment and longarm quilting design inspiration. We also present great tips and techniques to add to your piecing skills.

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Series Credits: The sewing machine for the series is the Baby Lock Crescendo. For piecing, we use the ¼″ quilting presser foot or the monogramming presser foot. We use basic sewing supplies such as fabric, rotary cutters, and scissors. We wear a Klutz cut-resistant safety glove when rotary cutting, press with a Reliable iron, and measure using Omnigrid, and Fons & Porter rulers. Patterns and instructions for quilts featured are in Love of Quilting magazine or as listed on our website. We have Love of Quilting DVDs available for our TV shows, beginning with the 400 series, available in our online shop.

In most episodes, Sara Gallegos and her guest will use these tools and notions:

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Town Square Quilt

3001: Diagonally Set Log Cabin Quilts

Episode 3001 Description and Preview A quilt pattern often becomes a classic because the design holds up to different colors, sizes, and fabrics. Alongside host Sara Gallegos, Marianne Fons shares two quilts, Town Square (made with homespuns and flannels) and Concentric Circles. Both feature a diagonally set Log Cabin design, but the difference between the…

Orange You Sweet Quilt

3002: Orange You Sweet?

Episode 3002 Description and Preview Quilt designer Gina Gempesaw shares an entrancing original quilt block. Gina and host Sara Gallegos simplify the block using a series of techniques from the quilter’s toolbox. They set the block in a lovely table runner, which is a wonderful way to test out and showcase new blocks. You’ll be…

Parisian Posies Quilt

3003: Parisian Posies

Episode 3003 Description and Preview Hexagons abound in Parisian Posies, a lovely, small quilt constructed with English paper piecing. Designer Felicia Brenoe created this quilt using voile rather than quilting cotton, giving it an unusual, luxurious feel. Felicia and host Sara Gallegos share tips for working with voile, as well as a few other lessons…

Patchy Stars Quilt

3004: Patchy Stars

Episode 3004 Description and Preview Designer Christina McCourt’s Patchy Stars is rich with unexpected techniques, including a strip-set corner that looks mitered, but isn’t. Host Sara Gallegos and Christina break down the construction of this medallion-style quilt into simple lessons. Featured Quilt: Patchy Stars Designer Christina McCourt used a variety of blocks in this pretty…

Freeform Pillow

3005: Freeform Pillow

Episode 3005 Description and Preview Put your sewing machine through the paces! This silk dupioni pillow, designed by Mallory Donohue, showcases some quiltmaking techniques that you’ll want to add to your repertoire. Mallory and host Sara Gallegos walk you through the techniques that result in a curving, freeform design. Featured Quilt: Freeform Pillow Freeform Pillow…

Shooting Stars Quilt

3006: Shooting Stars

Episode 3006 Description and Preview A traditional, 8-pointed star block—sometimes called a Bethlehem Star—is the showcased in this quilt design by Debra Finan. Its scrappy look is ideal for fat quarter or 2-1/2” strip collections. Debra and host Sara Gallegos even show you how to re-size the quilt block into a larger versions. Featured Quilt:…

Brighten Up, Buttercup Quilt

3007: Brighten Up, Buttercup!

Episode 3007 Description and Preview Bright, fresh, floral fun! This quilt design combines two curving shapes in a lattice setting, with an appliqué embellishment to add a touch of sweetness. Love of Quilting’s sewing specialist Colleen Tauke and host Sara Gallegos teach all the methods needed to make this quilt an easy project. Featured Quilt:…

Crazy Quilt Tablet Sleeve

3008: Crazy-Quilted Tablet Sleeve

Episode 3008 Description and Preview Guest Mallory Donohue and host Sara Gallegos join forces to teach crazy quilting! This tablet sleeve is a fun place to try it out, and go wild with the embroidery options on your sewing machine. Featured Project: Crazy-Quilted Tablet Sleeve The Crazy-Quilted Tablet Sleeve was designed and constructed by Mallory…

Quilting for Drama, Direction, Diversion

3009: Quilting for Drama, Direction, Diversion

Episode 3009 Description and Preview Guest Angela Huffman and host Sara Gallegos focus on the three D’s for this longarming episode: Drama, Direction, Diversion. If your patchwork isn’t perfect, the quilting can work kindly with a design’s flaws, emphasizing the good and de-emphasizing the flaws. Put your quilting designs to work, and make your patchwork…

Parade Rest Quilt

3010: Parade Rest

Episode 3010 Description and Preview This series’ featured Quilt of Valor is made by Marianne Fons. Marianne joins host Sara Gallegos in teaching this fabulous quilt designed to showcase a Pinwheel Star quilt block in patriotic colors. Featured Quilt: Parade Rest Marianne Fons chose a classic Pinwheel Star block for her Quilt of Valor®. Our…

Luminous Quilt

3011: Luminous

Episode 3011 Description and Preview An incredibly fun quilting technique, mirror-imaging helps isolate motifs within fabric to fussy-cut into spectacular, kaleidoscopic designs. Love of Quilting’s sewing specialist Colleen Tauke and host Sara Gallegos use the diamond shapes of this wall quilt to test out this unique method. Featured Quilt: Luminous Quilt artist Jeri Riggs inspired…

Dublin Town Quilt

3012: Dublin Town

Episode 3012 Description and Preview The Double Irish Chain is a quintessential quilt pattern, and on this episode, we color it Irish! Debra Finan joins host Sara Gallegos to teach this classic pattern, and adds in a four-leaf clover quilt block for some extra patchwork luck. Featured Quilt: Dublin Town Dublin Town was designed and…

American Pie Quilt

3013: American Pie

Episode 3013 Description and Preview A scrap quilt masterpiece inspired by an antique, American Pie is a strip-pieced design by guest Marianne Fons. The triangle units are placed to create a bull’s-eye effect that will stop you in your tracks. Join Marianne and host Sara Gallegos to learn more about this quilt’s history and techniques.…