2811: String-Pieced Scrap Quilt Patterns (String Me Along)

Episode 2811 Description and Preview

Quilters always have leftover fabric and are often on the lookout for scrappy quilt patterns. This string-pieced quilt is the perfect way to dive into your stash! Patrick Lose and his guest Dodi Poulsen will teach you how to get organized and build quilt blocks that “jump” off the design wall. By selecting a strong focus fabric, your quilt blocks come to life, one strip at a time. This relaxing method for foundation paper piecing quilts, frees you from the exacting math of traditional patchwork.

Featured Quilt: String Me Along

String Me Along QuiltString piecing uses up every bit of fabric, which is a great way to save money and limit waste. String Me Along puts this technique to good use in a fun and festive bed-size quilt pattern! Use this quilt to perk up a kid’s or teenager’s room.

String Me Along was designed by Dodi Poulsen and quilted by Linda Costello. This quilt is featured in the Love of Quilting September/October 2016 issue.

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6 thoughts on “2811: String-Pieced Scrap Quilt Patterns (String Me Along)

  1. Hi, I purchased this pattern a few weeks ago. I saw on this episode that Ms. Poulsen used a “lightweight permanent stabilizer” instead of paper to sew the strings on, is this something you sell? Thank you!

  2. I bought the magazine with this pattern. It said that 1/4 seam allowances were already included so I cut out the template for the wedge and cut 16 of the wedges and then decided to sew a couple to see how it came out. The wedge does not have the 1/4 seam allowance added so it does not fit on the foundation block. Now I have to make the blocks smaller or waste my fabric. How could you????

    1. Winsews, the Wedge shape actually does have the 1/4″ seam allowance added. If you cut the fabric out using the wedge shape, it will fit over the foundation block. You may have cut hour wedge using the the Block Foundation template.
      Hope this helps! -Kathy-

    1. Hello — You can click here to find the pattern. For future reference, you can find all of the quilting projects featured in the Love of Quilting TV posts on our website by clicking on the quilt or links below the preview. Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any more questions.