2809: Patriotic Quilts in Honor of US Veterans (Red, White & Gratitude)

Episode 2809 Description and Preview

A patriotic quilt is a tangible way to show your heartfelt gratitude to the men and woman who have and are serving in the armed forces. Mary Fons and Marianne Fons will take you through the construction of patchwork that can be used in variety of settings, to honor our American veterans.

Featured Quilt: Red, White & Gratitude

Red, White & Gratitude Quilt

A special quilt for a special veteran – that is the idea behind the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Marianne Fons made Red, White & Gratitude with the intention of donating to this fine organization. Find out more about the QOVF and learn about a special technique that makes this quilt work up with increased efficiency and accuracy!

Red, White & Gratitude was designed and constructed by Marianne Fons and machine quilting by LuAnn Downs. This quilt is featured in the Love of Quilting July/August 2016 issue.

Learn more about Red, White & Gratitude!

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One thought on “2809: Patriotic Quilts in Honor of US Veterans (Red, White & Gratitude)

  1. I have been a subscriber for MANY years and when I see a pattern that I think I may like to try, I make a copy of it and file it away. Recently, I decided to make the Red, White and Gratitude quilt for a QOV. I watched the video on IPTV and saw the different ways it can be arranged. When I got ready to start “designing”, I found that in your July/August 2016 magazine pattern, there is an error on the Quilt Top Assembly Diagram on page 82. It’s on the 5th row, with placement being upside down. In the finished quilt, it is ok but I have to say that it rather “threw me” for awhile until I figured it out. You have probably already been aware of this but I didn’t see anything online in “comments”, so thought I would alert you to the error. Thank you for a great magazine and show on IPTV.