2608: Jim Shore, Designer – Quilts using Wonderful Fabrics (Quilting Traditions)

Episode 2608 Description and Preview

Art and quilting go hand in hand. In this episode, Mary is joined by Jim Shore. They address how artists transfer their design concepts to create wonderful new fabrics. They also discuss the history of Jim’s inspiration, design and color palette. Quilting Traditions by Jim Shore Fall 2015 issue features projects inspired and created using this fabulous new line.

Featured Projects: Quilting Traditions by Jim Shore

Quilting Traditions by Jim ShoreQuilting Traditions such a fun and joyful magazine, featuring the lovely works of Jim Shore. Jim is an artist who has transferred his artwork fabric and we’ve made incredible projects using this one-of-a-kind fabric! From wintery warmth to patriotic pride, come see what these projects are all about!

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One thought on “2608: Jim Shore, Designer – Quilts using Wonderful Fabrics (Quilting Traditions)

  1. I would like to let you know how disappointed I was with this episode. Jim Shore is a lovely man but his resin figures left me cold in relation to quilt inspirations. I would like to suggest you explore the idea of featuring figurative artists who truly use quilting in their fiber designs. Please check the work of Shelley Thornton from Lincoln, Nebraska. Her one of a kind figures employ quilting in various aspects. Her pieces are spectacular.