2604: LeMoyne Star Quilt & Other Star Quilt Patterns (Liz’s LeMoyne Star)

Episode 2604 Description and Preview

The fabulous scrap quilt in this episode was designed using LeMoyne Stars from a quilt block exchange. Liz Porter accompanies Mary to teach you how to use the Rapid Fire LeMoyne Star Template to create accurate Star quilt blocks for a strong outcome. Liz also shares quilts created by her friends with unique setting inspirations.

Featured Quilt: Liz’s LeMoyne Star

Liz's LeMoyne Star QuiltLiz’s LeMoyne Star is a great bed-size quilt pattern — a traditional star quilt that really impresses. LeMoyne Stars have such a rich history and bringing them into the quilts of today keeps quiltmaking alive in such wonderful ways! What’s more? This quilt is a stash-buster! Use up your scraps for a cost-effective, gorgeous quilt.

Liz’s LeMoyne Star was designed and made by Liz Porter and quilted by the Troyer family. This quilt is featured in the Love of Quilting May/June 2015 issue.

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