Liberty and Justice Quilt

This patriotic quilting pattern is perfect for anyone who wants to pay tribute to our troops or even just who the look of the quilt appeals to! Try your hand at this pattern if you’re interested in making a Quilt of Valor! Designer Donna di Natale provides an ingenious method for making the blocks without small triangle-squares. Even if this idea of a patriotic quilting pattern doesn’t inspire you, the unique construction of each block makes this quilt one to try with your favorite fabrics! Learn how to make magic rail fence quilt blocks without fussing thanks to this quilt!

About This Quilt

Finished Size: 55″ x 66″
Finished Blocks: 30 (11″) Magic Rail Fence quilt blocks
Rating: Easy
Designed by: Donna di Natale
Recommended Tools: Fons & Porter Rotary Cutter, Olfa 12″ Spinning Cutting Mat, and Fons & Porter Basic Cutting Ruler
Liberty and Justice Quilt
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5 thoughts on “Liberty and Justice Quilt

  1. I purchased this pattern. I am having difficulty with it. I have tried several times and cannot get it to pinwheel in the center.
    Anyone else have this issue. Thought it would be an easy quilt for me.

    1. I just started this pattern today and was going along cutting my 6 1/2 squares and then cross cut. It was a good thing I only did a couple strips and then reread the instructions and saw that you had to put the right sides together with the blue on top and on the bottom of the other before cross cutting. Works fine now and happy with it. I used a flowered dark brown, med tan with flowers and a lighter tan with flowers. Turned out great. My church group likes how it is coming around

  2. Finally I figured it out. It only took me several tries the past couple of days. I’m sure now that I got one block figured out I’ll think it is an easy block. I love the pattern and the fabric I chose.