From Here to Home Quilt

Author Marie Bostwick is also a quiltmaker! She designed From Here to Home, the quilt sharing the same name as her upcoming book. Blue and white quilts are among some of the loveliest two-color quilts, as you can see with this timeless quilt. What’s just as traditional as a two-color quilt? Flying Geese and LeMoyne Stars! You’ll find both of these dancing across this quilt in an interesting design that keeps the eye busy, but doesn’t overwhelm. Marie made this one to hang in her studio and you can certainly see why. It’s like a piece of art! If you don’t want to hang it on your wall, you’ll find that it makes a wonderful throw.

About This Quilt 

Finished Size: 68″ x 68″
Finished Blocks: 25 (12″) blocks
Rating: Challenging
Designed by:
 Marie Bostwick
Recommended Tools: Mariner’s Star Pincushion, Spinning Cutting Mat, and Fons & Porter Rotary Cutter
From Here to Home Quilt
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Learn How to Make This Quilt

Learn an excellent technique for quick-pieced Flying Geese! There are so many different techniques in the quilting world for so many different quilting applications, but Sew Easy Lessons are the best. Sew Easy Lessons make quiltmaking more accurate, efficient and, well, easy! Flying Geese units can be made in a variety of ways, but the Sew Easy way makes it simple and ensures that your Flying Geese units will be the right size every time. For more free Sew Easy quilting video tutorials, make sure to visit

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Throw Quilt Patterns

2 thoughts on “From Here to Home Quilt

  1. Would love to have instructions included in the magazine how how to put the star block (45 degree diamond and two triangles) together. I cant get my edges to line up like the only picture referencing it. How do you get the triangles to line up with the diamond? Ive tried using the pressing the pieces in half and lining them up that way but they are still off. Would love to make this quilt as a fund raiser but afraid the instructions are minimal or maybe just not complete.

    1. Hello! The diamonds have a lot of bias edges, so this could very well be the problem you’re encountering. If you’ve already cut all your pieces, you may get some distortion in the process of sewing and pressing. Try starching the fabrics prior to cutting the diamonds — this may just be the solution. Fons & Porter Sewing Specialist, Colleen Tauke, ran a test block for this project and the pieces are listed at the correct size in the pattern. By adding the E triangle first, you can mark the seam lines and corner intersections and pin match to ensure proper alignment. The F triangle should be an easy last step since the one edge can be aligned with the E triangle to form the right angle. Hope this helps!