Devoted Quilt

Appliqué gives the illusion of pieced round blocks in this unique throw quilt pattern. Using fusible web and machine appliqué makes Devoted an easy project. Don’t have a machine stitch you like for appliquéing your pieces or need a refresher course on how to sew appliqué? Watch our free quilting video tutorial, Sew Easy: Needle-Turn Appliqué or peruse the Sew Easy video lessons for the appliqué tutorial of your choice.

Finished Size: 68″ x 68″  | Rating: Intermediate  |  Designed by Anita Peluso

Devoted Quilt
Devoted - Throw Quilt Patterns

See how to make this quilt! Let the Fons & Porter staff expertly guide you through the basics of this project. Watch this free quilting video tutorial, Quilting Quickly: Devoted. For more free Quilting Quickly quilting video tutorials, visit!

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