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Tip Tuesday: Washing Quilts & Fabrics – how do we do it?

You’ve spent hours, days, weeks, months or even years making a quilt. It could be a keepsake quilt, Quilt of Valor™, or a gift quilt. This quilt could be made from expensive quilting fabric, flannel quilting fabric or cheap fabric. Patterns of all types and quilts of all sizes —whatever the quilt, you want to keep it…

Tip Tuesday: Quilt Binding Tips from Quilt Experts

You probably already know how to bind a quilt, but quilting from start to finish is a personal process and means that binding a quilt varies from quilter to quilter. Even the experts differ on how they choose to finish a quilt. Adding quilt binding to your quilt can be tricky business for some quilters, but it…

Tip Tuesday: 7 Tips on how to Quilt by Hand

A lot of children learn how to sew, and eventually, how to quilt by hand, from their elders. These skills are often passed down through the generations, keeping the tradition of quilting alive and well. Because hand sewing was the first exposure for a lot of us, we’ve developed some handy tricks. Get some tips on how to hand quilt from fellow quilters including a few tips from Fons & Porter.

Mariner's Star Pincushion - Sewing Machine Needles Storage

Tip Tuesday: Hand & Sewing Machine Needles

When it comes to needles, storing them, threading them, losing them and trying to find them can become a pain. Literally! Luckily, the quilters that have come before us, with a little ingenuity and a lot of experience, have shared their tips with us. Find out how best to work with your hand and sewing machine needles.

Fons & Porter Binding Tool

Tip Tuesday – 7 Quilt Binding Tips

Quilt binding is one of those tricky techniques that every quilter has to work at over time (well, most of us, anyway). We welcome advice from fellow quilters on finishing a quilt – it’s so helpful to hear how other quilters approach this process! You’ve spoken and we’ve listened and now we’re passing this invaluable information along to other quilters. Take a look at some of the quilt binding techniques and tips that just might be useful to you.

Tip Tuesday – 7 Ideas for your Quilting Space

Another week of tips has arrived! I found many of these tips helpful, particularly the tips about binding. They just makes sense, and I can’t believe they never occurred to me to try before. I enjoy this series because it’s all about quilters helping quilters. If you have tips of your own, let me know of them in the…