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String of Pearls - Piecing Curves

Tip Tuesday: How to Piece a Quilt with Curves

Most of us have struggled with sewing curves and rightfully so. It’s so much easier to sew straight seams! But, piecing curves opens up a world of quilting opportunities that, as quilters, we should take advantage of. Piecing curves can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! Not when there are so many great…

Tip Tuesday: Machine and Hand Quilting Basics

When quilting our quilts, a little friendly advice can go a long way. Machine quilting and hand quilting are acquired skills that take time. Sometimes, ideas on quilting designs – free motion quilting designs and hand quilting designs – are a hot commodity. Here are some quilting basics from fellow quilters that are meant to inspire you with your…

Tip Tuesday: Paper Piecing Quilts & Projects

Paper piecing quilts, or foundation piecing, is a skill that quilters work hard at! Quilting paper for foundation piecing is essential to completing this technique, but what of all the other tricks of the trade? We asked quilters like yourself to pass along their paper piecing quilting tips. Here’s what they had to say: My old…

Tip Tuesday: Storing & Organizing Sewing Supplies

I’m always on the lookout for more efficient ways to store my quilting notions and sewing supplies and I thought you might be, too! I’ve gathered 12 of the best tips from Love of Quilting watchers and readers for you. They’re all about storing and organizing sewing machine needles, hand quilting needles, quilting rulers, sewing supplies, and more.

Tip Tuesday: 10 Quilting Notions Hacks – Templates

Today’s Tip Tuesday is all about quilt supplies, specifically quilting templates! Quilting notions are a huge part of quiltmaking, so 10 quilting hacks come in handy. You know what else is fun about today’s Tip Tuesday? You get to vote on which tips you like the most! It’s a Tip Tuesday quilting notions quiz. Check it out! There are 4 free easy quilt patterns waiting for you just for taking a look.

Around The Rail Fence Quilt

Tip Tuesday: Quick & Unique Quilt Patterns

Calling all quick quilt lovers! Unique quilt patterns that double as quilt-in-a-day patterns, jelly roll quilt patterns and layer cake quilt patterns? Can’t get much better than that. Here are some of my favorite quilts that work up quickly, are a lot of fun and make an impact.

Tip Tuesday: 9 Unique Quilt Binding Tips & Tricks

Almost every quilter is going to create binding for quilt projects, unless they pay someone else to do it. The thought may have crossed your mind at some point! But, as always, Fons & Porter is here to help and so are our loyal quilter friends. Learn 9 ways to enhance your quilt binding experience!

Below are 9 great quilt binding tips submitted to Fons & Porter by quilters like you! See if there’s anything here that makes you go, “Well, that makes sense! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Tip Tuesday: Want King-Size Quilts? Resize your Quilt Patterns!

Looking to resize that quilt pattern that has the pretty design, but the wrong quilt size? Size charts are always a hot ticket item when it comes to quilt patterns. It makes sense! Why spend time on throw-size quilts when what you really want are a king-size quilts? We offer some suggestions on making your quilts to your own specifications!

Tip Tuesday: 7 Time-Saving Quilting Tips

Get 7 helpful time-saving tips that are sure to make your quiltmaking experiences even better than they already are! A little reorganization and quick preparation makes an efficient quilter a happy quilter. You’ll see what I mean! By the way – Tip #5 is my favorite.

Tip Tuesday: Sticky things to the Quilter’s Rescue!

Learn how other quilters use sticky notes and tape to their benefit in all manner of ways during their quilting endeavors. From organizing fabric to basting to keeping track of the screws from your sewing machine, we’ll give you some great tips! Get a few ideas from Fons & Porter, as well.

Angela Huffman - Craft Daily

Tip Tuesday: How to Free Motion Quilt with Angela Huffman

Don’t panic! We’ve all been there. Free motion quilting is a skill – you aren’t going to “get it” right away. Guess what? Your 4th grade teacher prepared you for quilting without even knowing it! Find your free motion happy place by discovering quilting motifs that work for you and help you to branch out into other designs. Expert quilter, Angela Huffman, is our guest blogger and gives you the information you need to start on your own successful free motion quilting adventure, whether at a domestic sewing machine or longarm quilting machine.

Tip Tuesday – Fabric Scraps and your Scrap Quilt Patterns

What is your plan for your leftover fabric scraps? Here are some tips on how to wrangle those pesky scraps while preparing to use them in future scrap quilt patterns. Sometimes we just have to buy that fabric! Find out how to organize your scraps, what to do with them in addition to using them in your quilts and how it can save you money and time. It’s Tip Tuesday!