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Americana - Table Quilt Patterns

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: Patriotic Quilts

Are you ready to celebrate with red, white and blue quilts? Rich in history, patriotic quilt patterns are perfect for decorating your home for the 4th of July, Labor Day, or Memorial Day. Whatever your summer plans, these quilt designs will help you get into the holiday spirit! I created “Shining Star” from Love of Quilting…

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: Choosing Quilting Designs, Part 3

When I’m quilting an allover design, I might stitch an edge-to-edge design, disregarding the border lines; or, I might stitch the allover design in the center of the quilt and stitch a different design in the borders (see Part 1 for examples of both options). My decision of whether or not to quilt the borders separately depends on the quilt design, the width of the border, and how many borders I added to the quilt. Before choosing a design, I ask myself the following questions…

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: Choosing Quilting Designs, Part 2

In Choosing Quilting Designs, Part 1, I talked about allover quilting designs. Sometimes an allover design is the perfect choice. However, most of the time I want the quilting to add another design element to the quilt. Today, we’ll talk about how to incorporate different quilting designs into your quilts and I’ll give you several tips on…

Top 8 Quilting Lessons from Nancy Mahoney

Nancy Mahoney is one of Fons & Porter’s guest bloggers who posts a blog every other Wednesday called Nancy’s Quilting Classroom. Nancy is revered in the quilting community – she’s been quilting for over 30 years and is one of the best quilters around! Here are some of her most recent quilting lessons that have great…

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: Choosing Quilting Designs, Part 1

The quilt top is finished—now what? Occasionally, I take a quilt top and backing to a professional longarm quilter. But, most of the time, I like to quilt my own quilts because I can add one more design element. In this 3-part series, I’ll share my insights for choosing quilting designs. I quilt on a sit-down sewing machine, where I’m moving the quilt,…

Quilting with Pre-cuts

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: Quilting with Pre-Cuts

Quilting with pre-cuts is one of my favorite ways to make quilts. Here’s why: pre-cut fabrics come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making the prep work quick and easy and fabric selection a no-brainer. The most common pre-cut bundles contain 2½”-wide strips, 10″ squares, and 5″ squares. When I first saw a pre-cut bundle, I thought, “What a…

Nancy's Quilting Classroom - Fat Quarter Quilt Frenzy

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: Fat Quarter Quilt Frenzy!

I love fat quarters! The pretty bits of fabric are so tempting when beautifully displayed on shop shelves or in bins. I simply can’t resist them. The 18″ x 21″ pieces of fabric are often easier to work with than full-length quarter-yard cuts since you can cut wider pieces or large appliqué shapes. Given their…

Electric Blue - Two Color Quilts

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: Two-Color Quilts and More

Two-color quilts are all the rage! Blue and white quilts, read and white quilts, yellow and gray quilts – two-color quilts are timeless and traditional. I definitely recommend giving them a try. Whether you’re using a scrap quilt pattern or arranging your own quilt design, these quilts make unique designs and lasting impressions. I’ll tell you all about it in Nancy’s Quilting Classroom.

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: My Favorite Quilt Binding Technique

Finishing your quilts can be a process, but you can do it with confidence! I think of quilt binding as the last chance to add to the overall look of the quilt – it should complement the quilt top. So, get those unfinished projects out of the closet and turn them into finished quilts. Follow along and learn about my favorite quilt binding technique.

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: Mitered Quilt Borders

Some quilters add mitered quilt borders to all of their quilts. I only add them when I’m using a gorgeous border stripe – they are the perfect choice and nicely frame a quilt. There are several ways to sew the corners on mitered borders, but I’ve found a particular method that gives me the best results. I’ll give you step-by-step directions in today’s blog!