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Candy Corn

Tricks and Treats: Have FUN with Halloween Quilts!

The first frost may be weeks off, but when the Halloween prints are hitting fabric shops, we quilters know the harvest season is approaching! Halloween quilts are just plain fun to make. It’s not a traditional, heirloom category, so we quilters can really let go and get crazy—now’s the time for novelty prints or neon…

Sew Easy Trimming Oversize Hourglass Units Video

Trimming Oversize Hourglass Units

In this Sew Easy lesson, the Fons & Porter staff show you how to trim oversized hourglass units. This is a great way to make accurate hourglass units every time. Hourglass units are used in numerous types of quilts – from patriotic quilt patterns to modern quilts – so learning how to do them correctly…

Sew Easy Hourglass Quilt Units Quilting Video

Hourglass Quilt Units Quilting Video

Try our quick and easy method to make hourglass quilt units without cutting triangles. Normally, it’s traditional to start with triangle units in order to make an hourglass shape. But with this method, you don’t need to – you can get right to making your hourglass units. This saves both time and effort – helping you…