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BLOCK Friday: Cathedral Window Quilt Block

Think lofty vaulted ceilings made of handcrafted wood beams in a grand and spacious cathedral with floor to ceiling stained glass windows. It’s no wonder the Cathedral Window quilt block is so popular – its inspiration is so lovely! These quilt blocks are so much fun because they make such a different statement depending on the colors and…

Spice Market Quilt

BLOCK Friday: Rainbow Quilts

An exciting way to explore variety in quilts is through color. Quilts using color to create visual appeal is not a new concept, but unique and enticing color arrangements can be what makes a quilt an original. Think of your favorite quilts and how they use color. Some may focus on a single tone — purple…

Square Peg Round Hole Quilt

BLOCK Friday: Snowball Quilt Patterns & Quilt Blocks

Whether you’re basking in the summer sun and heat or enjoying the brisk winter air, the Snowball quilt block is a welcome addition to any quilter’s home, year-round. This quilt block is one of the most well-known Amish quilt blocks, seen in many Amish quilt patterns, and is actually an optical illusion! Can you see these…

Line Dance - Throw Quilt Patterns

BLOCK Friday: EVEN MORE Nine Patch Quilt Patterns!

You’ve asked for more things Nine Patch and we’re delivering! The original Nine Patch BLOCK Friday was such a hit, we couldn’t ignore its popularity. Here’s a little peek at BLOCK Friday: Nine Patch Quilt Patterns to refresh your memory: The Nine Patch quilt block has been around for hundreds of years. Put in those terms, it’s…

BLOCK Friday: Top 5 Countdown!

BLOCK Fridays are always fun to write – I get to learn a little bit about the history of each quilt block and maybe something about what goes into making a quilt block that I haven’t constructed just yet. Today, I thought I’d put together five of our most popular BLOCK Fridays. Enjoy! #5: BLOCK Friday: Shoo…

Summer Sampler - Primitive Quilts

BLOCK Friday: Primitive Quilts

As you may have noticed, BLOCK Friday isn’t just about quilt blocks, but also focuses on types of quilts. Primitive quilts have created quite a buzz within the quilting community as of late, although the primitive style has been around since the founding of the country. I happen to be a fan of the style – a…

Richmond Civil War Quilt - Civil War Quilt Patterns

BLOCK Friday: Civil War Quilts

This BLOCK Friday would be about the Civil War quilt block, if such a thing existed. Because of an eventual shortage of fabric and the overwhelming demand for warm blankets and quilts for soldiers, the quiltmaking movement for Union and Confederate women during the Civil War was more about necessity and less about the art of…

Courthouse Steps & Ohio Star Quilt

BLOCK Friday: Ohio Star Quilt Block

What Star quilt do you gravitate toward? There are plenty to choose from: Star of Bethlehem quilts, Lone Star quilts, Feathered Star quilts, Friendship Star quilts… the list goes on. You’ll find that a typical Star quilt block is composed of six to eight points made of diamonds or triangles radiating from the center. Today,…

Tumbling Tumblers - Basic Quilt Patterns

BLOCK Friday: Tumbler Quilts

Tumbler quilts have made a reputation for themselves in the quilting world. Historically, quilts featuring Tumbler units were made with donated or shared fabrics, earning them the name “beggar quilts.” More commonly, however, Tumbler quilts have been referred to as “charm quilts” throughout history. These old-fashioned quilts were made regularly in the 1870s and became popular again in the 1930s and 40s.…

Patchwork Designs

BLOCK Friday: Patchwork Designs and Quilt Blocks

Patchwork quilts are, to put it simply, pieced quilts. As with many of the quilt blocks that we see today, patchwork designs, like the patchwork quilt blocks in Checkerboard Shuffle, originated during the pioneer days, when people migrated and settled in the American west. Block-style patchwork can be divided into 2 categories, explains Quilting in America,…

BLOCK Friday – Pinwheel Quilt Block

Every quilter knows the Pinwheel quilt block. We love this quilt pattern – block designs that are tried and true! It makes really neat quilts, too. And, what a history! Quilting has evolved quite a bit over the centuries and quilters have seen a multitude of quilt designs and arrangements pass through over the years. The Pinwheel quilt block is here to stay and it’s better than ever.

Sangria Quilt - Big Block Quilts

BLOCK Friday: Big Block Quilts

Big quilt blocks mean maximum impact in a minimum amount of time – quick quilts that make a statement! These quilts won’t top off your UFO (unfinished objects) pile – check these quilts off as complete! We love big block quilts and quilt blocks by many other names. This BLOCK Friday is extra special, with a free quilt pattern and a quick single free download of quilt blocks galore, 100 free quilt blocks in fact!

BLOCK Friday: Star Quilt Block, Pt. 2

Do you like Star quilt patterns? We looked at a variety of projects featuring an array of colors, designs and variations on Star quilts in part 1 of this BLOCK Friday series. There is so much more to talk about – there’s an abundance of arrangements and Star quilt blocks available in the quilting world. Star quilt patterns are popular because they make gorgeous quilts! Come take a look…

Dressed to the Nines Quilt

BLOCK Friday: Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

The Nine Patch quilt block has been around for hundreds of years – it’s part of American history! In the 1800s, children began their sewing education with simpler projects, like Nine Patch quilt patterns. Today, Nine Patch quilt patterns are used traditionally and have also been modified to accommodate contemporary quilt patterns. Let’s take a look at how the Nine Patch influences today’s quilts.