She’s got it covered

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Gloria is a ham radio operator by trade, 83-years-old, and still sews, every day. “I’ve been watching your shows for ages,” she said, “on both channel 56 and 20. I have to tell you how much I enjoy your enthusiasm. It is inspiring!”

Over the years, Gloria has made several quilts, two favorites being Pine Burr and Kimono Rose. “I used all the scraps from these and made another one that I also truly love.”

But recently, Gloria has started a new project. “I wanted to make some pillows for my sofa that sets in front of my bookcase. So, I thought, what better than a book pillow?! For my first pillow I picked, A Tale of Two Cities, but, I plan to make many more, I just love them.”

For the pages, Gloria used pin tucks that were very effective, “So much so that when people come to visit, they try to turn the pages.” She also used foam for the book itself and heavy fusible web on the cover. The cover is embellished with gold embroidered words and scrollwork.

Editors note: Great job Gloria, I’m sure Charles Dickens would have loved this very clever pillow!