Quilty March/April 2017

Hey Quilty March/April 2017 issue cover Quilty March/April 2017 is chock-full of articles, lists, how-to’s and seriously sweet modern patterns geared toward unleashing the quilty talent that’s been inside you all along.

While all of the projects in Quilty are beginner friendly, that doesn’t mean they look simplistic. From the super cool “Trail Marker” quilt (a perfect scrap buster, FYI), to the mid-century inspired three-color “Bamboo Shoots” quilt, to a graphic + classic quarter log cabin quilt, the quilts featured in this issue look complex but stitch together like a dream. The perfect combo!

Quilts Featured In This Issue

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10 thoughts on “Quilty March/April 2017

    1. Hi Julene — Great question! We currently aren’t offering a subscription to Quilty, but hope to shortly! Keep checking back with us. I suggest you follow us on Facebook if you aren’t already — we’ll announce it there when we offer it. 🙂

  1. I hope it’s okay to give some feedback on the new layout. I was very excited to see a new issue of Quilty on the newsstands yesterday, and purchased it immediately! I have been an avid Quilty reader from the very beginning. I loved the “quirky-ness” that I’m guessing was part of its original editor’s personality. I loved how easy it was to read. It was a very fun magazine! I loved Spooly’s hints too. Everything about it was fun! This new layout is really rather boring and way too “normal.” It’s lost its “unusualness” that made it stand out from the rest. This new layout (and especially the type fonts used) are pretty much like everything else out there. I’m very disappointed in that.

    I also find that the type font used for some of the Materials and Instructions is small and harder to read. Especially the pages where the instructions are in white, on a colored background (see page 8) and the instructions on pages 7, 13, 19 – while done in black, are very small and hard to read. The crisp type font is fine on those pages, but just too small.

    I really like the “Quilts in This Issue” page… that’s a great overview of what’s included. The “Featured Designers” page is nice too. This copy has a couple of quilts I will use for my WeeOnesQuilts I make for our local NICU. I’m always on the lookout for simple, fast quilt patterns that can be made into baby quilts. Quilty has been perfect for that!

    I also really liked the updated “Quilter’s Glossary,” “11 Essential Tools,” and the section called “Basics.” Perfect for beginning quilters. I will buy a copy of this magazine for a friend who wants to learn to quilt – just for those pages!

    Thank you for bringing Quilty back… I will still continue to buy it, but I sure miss the old layout/format. Hope that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings… it’s a great magazine!


    PS Tony Jacobson is one of my favorites… I always love his designs. I’d love to see a publication / book with just his patterns! 🙂

    1. We’re always happy to hear from our readers — you’re the reason we do what we do! Of course, we want to hear your feedback and take it into account when putting our issues together, as we will do with your comment. Much appreciated!

  2. Heeeey, Nice to see you again! Just bought my copy and hope to see subscriptions available soon. (so I don’t miss one)—How about some die cutting? Have you heard of a quilter named Ebony Love? She’s a die cut maven. She uses them ALL, and so far, NO magazine seems to be doing anything on this topic. As far as I can tell, she’s the only one who writes about how to use several brands of dies. I am going to use dies to cut out several of the quilts in this issue. I would love to see a die cutting column every issue! Cheers, best of luck.

    1. Hello! Nice to see you again, as well! Funny you should mention this… Ebony Love will be “translating” two patterns in Easy Quilts using her EDeN system, starting with Summer 2017, and we have an AccuQuilt feature in Quilting Quickly from May/June through Nov/Dec. You must be psychic!

  3. First, I love the magazine! But I have an auto renewal charge of $24.99 by iTunes on my credit card. How do I discontinue the auto renewal charge? I have contacted iTunes/ Apple Support to no avail.