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Get essential quilting tips and expert advice from the brightest minds in quilting delivered to your desktop in a live presentation. Tune in to our new web seminars! These online, interactive online events (also called webinars) are presented by industry experts and popular Fons & Porter contributors. They last about an hour and include a Q&A session toward the end where you can get answers to your specific questions on the web seminar topic. You can attend these online learning sessions live, or access them at a later date OnDemand.

FREE WEBINAR: Beginning Quilting with Jenny Kae Parks

Whether it is the humble quilt your grandmother made or the beautiful quilt on your friend's bed or the stunning quilt on the museum wall, quilts mean something.  They are not made with only thread and fabric.  They are also made with skill, time, creativity, hope, generosity and passion.  And even the most glorious, award-winning quilts all start in the same simple place, cutting the fabric and stitching the blocks.  This web seminar covers the basics of quilting and makes it easy for you to enjoy this rewarding hobby.

In this web seminar you will learn:

  • How to prepare and cut your fabric.
  • How to stitch a 1/4” seam.
  • How to press without distortion.
  • How to strip-piece and join blocks together
  • How to baste your quilt



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