Busy Hands Make Big Smiles

submitted by email: Michelle Hohbach

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Michelle is all about getting her family involved in fun projects such as embroidering, baking or quilting.

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Michelle made Christmas quilts for her girls last Christmas. The boxes where all the same size, same wrapping paper and NO names on the boxes. Even Michelle had no idea which quilt was in which box – very fun!

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She also taught them all how to embroider this past Thanksgiving. She gave them each a little kit with a pumpkin traced on hand died fabric, and everything else they needed to do the project. Later, they each, at different times, told Michelle how much fun that was to do. Now, Michelle plans on making them all a small wall quilt with those projects. "And, for Christmas this year, I plan to give them each a quilt kit and all the quilting supplies they will need to learn how to quilt. I think the "Happy Jack" quilt pattern (Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Love of Quilting) will be perfect to learn on, not too many pieces.


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