A Course in Quilty: Let’s Make Patchwork

The mission of Quilty is to help beginner quiltmakers find success and have fun making quilts. This online course, from Quilty editor and creative director Mary Fons, is an immersive, info-packed must-see for anyone wanting to learn beautiful, basic patchwork. Learn more about our online courses here.


The course first covers:

  • The fundamentals of patchwork
  • Rotary cutting
  • Sewing an accurate quarter-inch seam
  • Pinning and pressing
  • Straight-of-grain and bias - fundamental to success in your piecing
  • And much more!

After you learn these basic skills, we are going to teach you how to create three different, gorgeous blocks, including: a String block, a Log Cabin, and the classic paper-pieced “Economy” block.

You’ll also get a great lesson in triangles as Mary shows you how to make:

  • Half-square triangle units
  • Quarter-square triangle units
  • 60-degree triangles

Any quilter looking to learn or supplement her know-how will have fun and benefit from ‘A Course in Quilty.’ Did we mention this course also includes 6 digital patterns so after you complete this course, you will be able to create beautiful quilts! So sign up and get ready to enjoy some time in the studio with Mary!


  • Get a realistic “shopping list” of the supplies you’ll need to create basic patchwork.
  • Learn what Mary means by “the patchwork quartet” (Spoiler Alert: cutting, sewing, pressing...and ripping!)
  • Understand how to sew an accurate quarter-inch seam.
  • Learn several methods for creating half-square triangles quarter-square triangles.
  • Explore string quilts by making a string block.
  • Develop a strong understanding of paper-piecing
  • Gain a better understanding of log cabin blocks: their history, construction, and setting, too!
  • Observe different color options for each segment’s featured patchwork.
  • Get a handle -- once and for all -- on the difference between straight-of-grain and bias.
  • Learn what chain-piecing is.
  • Discover what it means to have low, medium, and high contrast in your patchwork.
  • Leave the course feeling confident YOU can make patchwork successfully.
  • Each week there will be a live, Q&A session with Mary!
  • Get tips on thread and presser feet.
  • Hear lots of “My mom always says…” tips from Mary (worth their weight in gold!)
  • Never feel silly or foolish not knowing something or needing help -- in Mary’s studio, you are always welcome.
  • Hang out with Spooly.
Who Should Take This Course:
  • People who want to make a quilt but don’t know where to start.
  • Beginner quilters who still feel shaky.
  • Beginners (or more advanced) quilters who want a fun course that will refresh their skills while they learn new stuff and enjoy the Quilty atmosphere while they do so.
  • Those who teach beginners -- learn how to best communicate ideas to the newbie.


Course Outline

Lesson One: Patchwork Basics

  • Learn what Mary calls “the patchwork quartet.”
  • Learn what kind of fabric is best for quiltmaking.
  • See what tools you’ll need to get started.
  • Take a quarter-inch seam test to ensure you’re sewing right.
  • Learn how to properly cut a strip.
  • Take a closer look at a simple star block.

Lesson Two: Straight-of-Grain vs. Bias Help

  • Come to understand how cotton fabric is made -- and why it matters.
  • Learn the difference between cuts made with the straight-of-grain -- and those that create a bias edge.
  • Learn “the pop test” to determine whether you have S.O.G. or bias on the edge of your fabric.
  • See examples of patchwork units with bias on the outside -- and how to avoid this.
  • Learn how to cut triangles with a special ruler that makes sure you have S.O.G. on the outside “legs.”

Lesson Three: Make a Log Cabin Block

  • Learn some history on the classic Log Cabin block.
  • Understand strip organization’s part in making this (or any) block.
  • View several versions of the Log Cabin block.
  • See numerous, gorgeous settings for the Log Cabin.
  • Get an immersive, example-rich lesson in contrast as it pertains to patchwork.

Lesson Four: Make an Economy Block (Paper-Piecing)

  • Learn what paper-piecing is and why we like it.
  • Learn how to properly print paper-piecing patterns.
  • Learn to construct an Economy block using the paper piecing method.
  • Get a sneak peek of Mary’s latest quilt -- and see what you can do with a simple Economy block.
  • Get tips on paper piecing from a teacher who really enjoys it.

Lesson Five: Make a String Block

  • Learn how you can use paper foundations to make blocks out of “strings.”
  • Get tips for cutting your strings.
  • Learn the tricks for making “organized wonkiness” in your string quilt.
  • Make a paper-foundation string block.
  • Take a lesson in contrast.

Lesson Six: All About Triangles

  • Learn how important, useful, and super fun triangles are in patchwork.
  • Learn two ways to cut half-square triangles the right way.
  • Learn two ways to cut (and construct) perfect quarter-square triangles.
  • Use a special ruler to cut 60-degree pyramids for a gorgeous Thousand Pyramid quilt.
  • See many pretty quilt blocks that use triangles in their construction.

Important Information

This course takes place on Blackboard, served through our sister company's website: Craft University. Registration for this course will also take place through the Craft University brand.




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Course Length:

3 Weeks

Start Date:

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*This course and registration for this course take place on our sister company's Website: Craft University.


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