Ode to Eskimo Joe

submitted by Sharon Moton, Stillwater, Oklahoma

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Eskimo Joe’s is a popular place in Stillwater, Oklahoma – home of Oklahoma State University. Every Christmas they design a print for their “Joe’s Clothes”. My daughter Theresa (pictured, a graduate of OSU) purchased these sweatshirts for many years and just couldn’t part with them. So, we came up with this solution to preserve them. Just in time for me to do my first retirement project in March of this year.

The sashing used was taken from the bottom and sleeves of the shirts. I purchased black sweatshirt material for the corner and inside blocks. OSU printed fleece was used for the backing with a low loft polyester for the batting. The first intention was to use the front of the shirts for the front of the quilt and the back of the shirt for the back of the quilt. But after stabilizing the designs it was just too heavy, so my daughter got two quilts from the project.

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I was concerned about the blocks not being centered but due to the neck placement on the shirts it seemed to be the only way to place them in the quilt. It is a great memory quilt and something to be cherished for some time and possibly be passed down.

Thanks for this opportunity to share this project, I really enjoy your programs, although one more great idea is the last thing I need, but I jot them all down any way and hopefully some day I can get to them all. I have spent the summer teaching my three youngest granddaughters to sew, 9, 10, and 11 years old. My oldest granddaughter (17) enjoys sewing also. We try to make fun projects to keep their interest growing in sewing.

Again, thanks for all of the tips and information I learn from your programs.