Made Especially for Me

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submitted by Remona Combs, Mammoth Spring, AR

My mom made this lap quilt for me based on your Yo-Yo Basket Pillow design from the May/June 2007 issue. It is made and quilted completely by hand, not a stitch of machine work on it anywhere. The reason she made the quilt was because her mother made lots of things over the years. She was very skilled with fabric and thread, but my mom does not have one thing she sewed that was made specifically for her. All of us who have made items for a certain person understand that a part of the process of crafting the item is the thoughts that pass through our minds of the person it is for.

Mom wanted to make me a quilt that was made only by her hands, especially for me. She explained that there are times when she would give anything to be comforted by her mother. So she told me she made this for me so that when the time comes for her to pass, that I would have that lap quilt to cuddle under and be reminded of her love and care for me. I may not feel her hands, but I can draw comfort from something her hands made.
I think all parents with enough ability, should strive to make something for their children. I know this is not a nifty tip or trick to help others sew easier, but maybe it will inspire others to create something for their loved ones.