2713: Glorified Nine Patch Quilt Pattern

Episode 2713 Description and Preview

Nine Patch quilt patterns are a staple in the quilting community. The Glorified Nine Patch design begins with a simple varied Nine Patch quilt block, but with the use of a wonderful template set we show you how to create curves without end. Patrick Lose, joined by Colleen Tauke, will give you expert techniques and tips for piecing graceful curved seams.

Featured Quilt: Glorious

Glorious Quilt

Nine Patch quilt patterns are as traditional as they come. But, what happens when they’re modified just a bit? You get Glorious! This quilt features a Glorified Nine Patch that is simply put, fun! You can see the secondary design of circles coming through the background fabric. Grab the Glorified Nine Patch Template Set and get going!

Glorious was designed, pieced and quilted by Jean Nolte. This quilt is featured in the Love of Quilting May/June 2016 issue

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