2704: How to Make a Patchwork Quilt, Pt 2 (Patchwork Pleasure)

Episode 2704 Description and Preview

You probably know how to make a patchwork quilt, but Patchwork Pleasure is a different story! Quilts are designed in many formats. A very classic design is the row quilt. It can be created using a variety of patterns, it can have a theme or it can be created as a team project. The perfect duo teamed up to make quilt blocks for this traditional quilt. Mary and Marianne will present the Wheels Block made by Marianne and the Dutchman’s Puzzle Block made by Liz Porter.

Featured Quilt: Patchwork Pleasure

Patchwork Pleasure QuiltHave you ever wanted to participate in a quilt block exchange? This one is a hoot! A row quilt is always a fun design to work on and what’s better than doing it with friends? You’ll have a ton of fun and end up making a gorgeous quilt.

The quilt blocks in Patchwork Pleasure were made by Marianne Fons and Liz Porter. The quilt top was assembled by Colleen Tauke and quilted by Jean Nolte. This quilt is featured in the Love of Quilting January/February 2016 issue.

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