Love of Quilting March/April 2014

Love of Quilting March/April 2014 Cover

The Love of Quilting March/April 2014 issue is filled with great quilt patterns and projects! This issue of Love of Quilting, like so many others, is the best source for traditional quilts and reliable instructions. Come in and take a look around! Featured on the cover of this issue are quilt that are perfect for Spring and quick weekend quilting projects like the modern tote, the big block quilt and the bright table topper.

Take advantage of eight free quilting video tutorials! Our Sew Easy lessons are here to help you perfect your skills. Find them below! Find out more about Quilts of Valor if you’re interested in donating to a serviceman or woman.

Quilts Featured In This Issue


In This Issue

  • From Marianne & Liz: Build your skills
  • Sew Many Tips: Clever ideas from quilters
  • Shop Hop: Products to look for at your local shop
  • This Old Quilt: The Color White
  • Quilt with the Stars: Patrick Lose
  • Sew & Tell: Readers share their creativity
  • Quilter’s Bookshelf: Notes on new books
  • Behind the Seams: See you at the Expo!

Bonus Quilts

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2 thoughts on “Love of Quilting March/April 2014

  1. I have had all the issues since 2004 or before until we moved. In consoladating my patterns I saw the StarFlowers from the March/April, 2014 issue. I saw the pattern on the internet but was unable to find the instructions. I know the mag now comes in digital form. Is it possible to get a digital pattern for the Star Flowers?
    Thank you for your help and Happy New Year.
    DJ Weston
    615 Rose Garden Rd #6
    Cape Coral, Fl 33914

    1. Deej, you’re in luck! The Starflowers pattern appeared in the March/April 2014 issue of Love of Quilting. Digital copies with an instant download are available in our online shop and on sale now for $1.75! Here’s the link:

      Please note that a correction to one of the yardages was also posted to our site as follows: The white solid yardage should be 4¼ yards.