Love of Quilting March/April 2017

Love of Quilting Mar/April 2017 CoverThe Love of Quilting March/April 2017 issue is filled with fresh ideas for a fresh season! We’ve got 12 new projects to usher in spring. Our Sew Easy instructions help you through piecing curved seams, using fusible appliqué, cutting 8-at-a-time Triangle-Squares and more. This issue of Love of Quilting, like so many others, is the best source for traditional quilts and reliable instructions. Come in and take a look around!

In this issue, we offer up some fresh and springy quilting ideas, such as Sarah’s Colorwave, Jean Nolte’s pattern that uses our Twisted Triangle Template to create fan-like designs in lush florals. And, Cross Road to Grandma’s House is a fresh use of two traditional designs: the Album Cross block and the Snowball block. No matter the level of your quilting experience, there’s always something new to learn. A very fulfilling challenge would be Bluework, Kathy Munkelwitz’s beautiful batik quilt that features appliquéembroidery and pieced borders. Another enjoyable project is Marianne’s Town Square which places the Log Cabin block into a clever arrangement.

Take advantage of eight free quilting video tutorials! Our Sew Easy lessons are here to help you perfect your skills. Find them below! Find out more about Quilts of Valor if you’re interested in donating to a serviceman or woman.

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