Love of Quilting January/February 2006


  • Half-Yard Cruise Challenge: Fun for a group!
  • Ragtime Hearts: Perfect for snuggling
  • Be Mine: Romantic fabric valentines
  • Bon Voyage: Sail away
  • Caribbean Nights: Easy design in tropical colors
  • Hexagon Star: A good beginner project
  • Crow’s Feet: Scrap patchwork and appliqué
  • Wedding Wishes: A unique way to use triangles
  • Honeydew: Soft flannel for a new arrival
  • Bibbidy Bop: Fun,bright colors


  • Sew Easy: Cutting Chenille
  • Sew Easy: Cutting Triangles with Special Rulers
  • Sew Easy: Mitered Borders
  • Sew Easy: Making Hexagon Stars
  • Quilting the Quilt: by Linda Taylor
  • Sew Easy: Cutting Equilateral Triangles


Also in This Issue

Chenille Channels Sew Easy Lesson

Cutting Chenille Try one of these methods to cut chenille channels. A. Electric scissors make quick work of cutting the chenille channels. The small blades fit easily between the fabric layers. Slip lower blade between the bottom two fabric layers and cut through all layers except the bottom one. If you plan to make lots…