Love of Quilting 906

Episode 906 – Fabric Bowls with Joyce Drexler

National sewing educator Joyce Drexler shows how to use fabric scraps and thread to make three-dimensional bowls. You’ll learn how to add yarn and other unique fibers. See below for summary instructions to create these bowls and refer to the Supply List for Series 900 for products used.

Detailed instructions are available in the March/April 2007 Love of Quilting magazine and Joyce Drexler’s book, Quick and Easy Weekend Quilting with Sulky.


Note: You will need a size 16 needle and 30-weight thread for this project.

1. Fold end of fabric strip over raw edge of clothesline.
2. Wrap fabric strip around clothesline, overlapping so no clothesline shows.
3. Fold over 3/4″ to 1″ of wrapped clothesline, butting it up to side of wrapped clothesline.
4. Begin stitching at top of fold. Keep stitched clothesline to left so coil is flowing clockwise. Keep wrapped clothesline centered under presser foot so zigzag stitch catches both sides of coils.
5. Join fabric strips by overlapping them onto one another as you continue to wrap fabric strips snugly around clothesline.
6. Continue stitching and turning in rounds until bottom of bowl is desired size. The bulk of the bowl will always be to the left of the needle.
7. To form sides of bowl, turn it on edge, pressing bowl against bed of machine. Continue to wrap and stitch until bowl is desired height.
8. To end, cut clothesline at an angle and wrap fabric strip around cut end and beyond it about 1″.
9. Fold the 1″ overlap back onto itself, butt it up to the side, and zigzag in place.

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