Love of Knitting Winter 2009 Contest

What is the most unusual project you have made?

Tell us about the most unusual project you have made!

Entry is free and must be received before February 1, 2010. One entry per person. The winner will be randomly chosen from all the on-line and print entries and will be announced right here.

The prize is a $250 gift certificate to!

—Brought to you by Love of Knitting.

This contest is now closed. Thank you for all of your wonderful entries!

Our Grand Prize Winner:
Congratulations to Connie Schutte, Athens, AL!

Her Answer: “I knitted a hammock. My husband cut a broom stick in half and added points to one end of each stick and nailed a baby food jar lid to the other end of each stick to make me a set of large needles. Next I bought a ball of cotten string and a ball of nylon string and 2 metal circles from the hardware store. I attached both kinds of string to one of the metal rings by casting on a dozen stitches. I used both kinds of string to knit every row and increasing each row until I had 2 dozen stitches wide and then just kept knitting until I thought it was long enough. I then decreased until I was back down to a dozen stitches and bound it off with the other circular ring. It was a Father’s Day gift for my husband in 1973. We still have the hammock but I am in Alabama until June 1, 2010 and the hammock is in NC.”