Love of Knitting Spring 2010 Contest

What’s the most fun you’ve had knitting with someone else or as a group? (retreat, class, etc.)

Entry is free and must be received before April 6, 2010. One entry per person. The winner will be randomly chosen from all the on-line and print entries and will be announced right here.

Winner will receive 10 skeins of yarn—enough to make the Glittering Evening Wrap project from the Spring 2010 Love of Knitting cover.

—Brought to you by Love of Knitting.

This contest is now closed. Thank you for all of your wonderful entries!

Our Grand Prize Winner:
Congratulations to Cristina Staats, Boyne City, MI!

Her Answer: “Lots of chat and camaraderie–problem solving some of life’s sticky issues relative to family, friends, lovers, etc. Sharing stories about the time when…..Sharing techniques for doing this or that. Sharing tips. Sharing yarn–passing on part of your stash to someone who will actually make something with it. And then of course, the gossip! “