Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

Our collection of free log cabin quilt patterns are perfect for any quilter – whether you’re new to quilting and still getting your bearings or an experienced quilter whose been sewing for years. Log cabin quilts are ideal for beginners as it’s quite simple to piece your quilt units together. Simply start with a square in the center and “build” your log cabin units around that, growing the quilt block as you work. For more experienced quilters, log cabin quilt patterns can be a great way to experiment with variations of this popular quilt style like the Courthouse Steps.

Log cabin quilts are also rich in symbolism and history. Popular in the late 1800’s, it is said that the center square of a log cabin quilt block represents the hearth of a log cabin and is the “heart” of the home. For this reason, many traditional log cabin quilts will feature a red center square. Each of the logs around the center are looked at as “building blocks” to that home. With such a rich background, log cabins are great quilts to give as a gift for a housewarming.

Find your favorite free log cabin quilt pattern from our collection and get started building your log cabin “home” today!