Mulberry Lodge Quilt

Mulberry Lodge is a log cabin-style design with bold lines and bolder colors. You only need three prints and a solid to make this quilt with dramatic appeal. By simply changing the width of the rectangles, and rearranging the half log cabin blocks, designer Penny Barnes has created this quilt that makes a big impact.

Finished Size: 66″ × 66″  |  Finished Blocks: 36 (11″) blocks  |  Rating: Easy  |  Designed by Penny Barnes

Mulberry Lodge Quilt
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Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

5 thoughts on “Mulberry Lodge Quilt

  1. I really enjoyed making this quilt, but there were no directives in which direction to iron the seams, and some of the joined pieces ended up extra thick.

    1. I, too, had a hard time figuring out how to press the seams to get a nice flat surface. Could someone please tell me what they did? It would be most helpful.

      Now I am afraid to try some of the quilts from the Easy Quilt Magazines.

      1. Hello – since every quilt is different, planning for opposing seams can be tricky. One way you can approach pressing seams, is to make all your quilt blocks before joining. Once made, reference the last block for the direction that would be best for pressing seams. Sometimes, this method can be problematic, like with Log Cabin-style blocks, in which pressing toward the outer edge is difficult. Another option for pressing, is to press all of the seams open. Because pressing tends to be a quilter’s prerogative, we leave it to each quilter to decide their preferred method of pressing seams. I hope this was helpful to you! ~Carrie