Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

Our collection of free log cabin quilt patterns are perfect for any quilter – whether you’re new to quilting and still getting your bearings or an experienced quilter whose been sewing for years. Log cabin quilts are ideal for beginners as it’s quite simple to piece your quilt units together. Simply start with a square in the center and “build” your log cabin units around that, growing the quilt block as you work. For more experienced quilters, log cabin quilt patterns can be a great way to experiment with variations of this popular quilt style like the Courthouse Steps.

Log cabin quilts are also rich in symbolism and history. Popular in the late 1800’s, it is said that the center square of a log cabin quilt block represents the hearth of a log cabin and is the “heart” of the home. For this reason, many traditional log cabin quilts will feature a red center square. Each of the logs around the center are looked at as “building blocks” to that home. With such a rich background, log cabins are great quilts to give as a gift for a housewarming.

Find your favorite free log cabin quilt pattern from our collection and get started building your log cabin “home” today!

Concentric Squares Quilt

Concentric Squares Quilt

Marianne Fons has brought the classic red and white scheme to a baby quilt. “My inspiration for the unique block setting was a quilt that wowed me at the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, Nebraska,” she says. The quilt also features a scalloped-edge border, an unusual touch. About This Quilt Finished Size: 40″ x…

Town Square Quilt

Town Square Quilt

Who doesn’t love a great Log Cabin? Marianne Fons created this stunning bed-sized quilt in a clever arrangement and used rich hues that will make it a new classic. About This Quilt Finished Size: 63″ x 63″ Finished Blocks: 60 (7 ½”) blocks Rating: Intermediate Designed by: Marianne Fons Recommended Tools: Fons & Porter Rotary…

A Formal Affair Quilt

A Formal Affair Quilt

A Formal Affair, a bed-sized quilt made up in fashionable black and beige prints, is a real beauty. This black and white quilt pattern might only feature two colors with touches of beige here and there but it is still filled with powerful interest. While this quilt has a tribal feeling to the aesthetic, it…

Modern Barn Raising Quilt

How’s this for a contemporary twist on a traditional Log Cabin quilt layout? Lisa Swenson Ruble hit this one out of the park! Get the look of your favorite Log Cabin quilts without all the work, using pre-cut 2½” strips and strip piecing for this throw quilt pattern. Turn strip sets into big blocks using…

Weekend Cabin - Patchwork Designs

Weekend Cabin Quilt

A Log Cabin quilt cut from 10″ squares? Absolutely! This collection of prints in teal, tan, coral, and red gives a contemporary look to this timeless arrangement. And, if you’re a fan of patchwork designs, Weekend Cabin has that, too. This patchwork-like quilt is quick and easy – just follow the cutting diagram. Finished Size: 64″ x…

Melbourne Shuffle Quilt - Log Cabin Quilt Layouts

Melbourne Shuffle Quilt

This is a fun variation on classic log cabin quilts, or the Courthouse Steps quilt block, this twin-size quilt is traditional, yet updated. Starting with a square in the center, rectangles are added to the sides in rounds, alternating dark and light, like traditional log cabin quilt layouts. The addition of sashing squares gives this quilt…

Maggie's Rainbow Quilt - Log Cabin Quilt Patterns

Maggie’s Rainbow Quilt

Log Cabin quilt layouts are fun to work with, like this whimsical variation on the log cabin quilt pattern. Maggie’s Rainbow is made entirely of Half-Log Cabin blocks in bright prints. This throw-size quilt has a flexible design that works in any situation! Bring it on a picnic, cuddle up with it while watching a movie, or…

Light in the Window Quilt

Light in the Window Quilt

Always a favorite design, the Log Cabin is appropriate in any style of fabric. Light in the Window is aptly named because the yellow center in each block signifies the light shining out from a cabin window, and black and white prints give the quilt lots of contrast and show off the pattern. Finished Size:…

Calliope Quilt Project

Calliope Throw Quilt

Bright 2½” pre-cut strips were used to make this graphic Log-Cabin-style throw quilt. A white batik print provides the needed contrast to make this design pop and to settle the busy prints. Finished Size: 72″ × 72″  |  Finished Blocks: 36 (10″) blocks  |  Rating: Intermediate  |  Designed by Nancy Mahoney See how to make…

Mulberry Lodge Quilt

Mulberry Lodge is a log cabin-style design with bold lines and bolder colors. You only need three prints and a solid to make this quilt with dramatic appeal. By simply changing the width of the rectangles, and rearranging the half log cabin blocks, designer Penny Barnes has created this quilt that makes a big impact. Finished Size:…

Cabin Runner Quilted Table Runner

When the wind is howling and the snow is piling up, you’ll love using this cute table runner. It’s a great weekend project, and the blocks are made with simple squares and rectangles. Invite some guests for dinner, but be prepared, they will want you to make them one too! Finished Size: 15½” × 51½” Finished Blocks:…

Quartet Quilt Project

You’ll enjoy constructing this quilt using a delightful group of small prints. The blocks have triangle squares surrounding log cabin style centers and a pieced border. This four-block quilt is just the right size for a wall hanging or table topper. Finished Size: 42″ × 42″ Finished Blocks: 4 (15″) blocks Rating: Easy To learn…

Summer Cabin Easy Quilt Project

Oversized log cabin quilt blocks create the bold design in this fat quarter friendly quilt pattern. Summer Cabin digital pattern Summer Cabin quilt kit  Finished Size: 72″ × 72″ Finished Blocks: 16 (18″) blocks Rating: Easy To learn more about Anita Peluso, visit our Designers page.

October Sky Scrap Quilt Project

This asymmetrical design was inspired by an antique log cabin quilt. The colors and quilting designs represent the swirling winds and blowing leaves of fall. Finished Size: 81″ × 81″ Finished Blocks: 81 (9″) blocks Rating: Easy Get the October Sky scrappy quilt pattern! To learn more about Diane D. Knott, visit our Designers page.