Is It Possible to Make a Handmade Quilt Even More Special?

submitted by Debbie Simmons, Flowery Branch, GA

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My youngest son, Chris, is in the Navy. While stationed in Hawaii he met Mirjam. She is from Switzerland and was in Hawaii attending a language school. In July 2009, I went to Switzerland with my son to meet Mirjam and her family. When Susanne, Mirjam’s mom, and I met, there was a language barrier. Susanne knows English, but, had not used it in many years. However, we soon discovered that we shared a common language, the language of crafting. There was an instant bond! We had the time of our lives telling each other about our favorite hobbies and her showing me all of the beautiful things she had made. Her specialty is knitting. She gave me three very unique sweaters that she had made. I left that day with the promise of making her a quilt, my specialty.

When I returned home, I had just received the July/August 2009 issue of Love of Quilting. As soon as I saw Magic Triangles by Lynda Faires, I knew it was the perfect quilt to make Susanne. The black and white would look lovely in her home, and the fun pattern fit her fun personality.

My son suggested that I take pictures, and make a scrapbook of the process. With Susanne being a crafter I agreed that she would love that. This in itself became a fun project. WOW … you just don’t think about all of the steps involved in making a quilt until you are making sure you get pictures of them. This was a yearlong project – I enjoy the process of piecing, and also enjoy quilting by hand. I liked this pattern so much, now I’m working on one for myself!

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