I Have the Stash Disease

I had to write a poem for a class I’m taking and thought it an impossible task for a 43-year-old with no imagination. I am a real beginning quilter, just starting to piece, but have been buying material for quite some time. I have the stash disease.

After I wrote this, my teacher told me I should make sure other quilters get a chance to read it and get a chuckle. Enjoy!

Fussy, Fusible, Foundations
Sashes, Stashes and Strips
Folding, Measuring and Cutting
Quarters up to my Hips!

Patterns and Paper and Piecing
Borders, Backing, Binding
Running and Rocking and Stabbing
Stop Darn Thread from Winding!

Stabilizers, Selvages, Seams
Thread it, Wrap it and Pull
Batting and Bearding and Basting
Oh, Blast this Bloody Wool!

The Hoop or The Frame or The Lap
Thimbles, Thangles, Theory
To Stitch-n-Ditch or Rock-n-Roll
Gee, My Eyes are Weary!

Universals, Sharps and Between
Nearly at the Ending
Feathers, Echoes and Appliques
Time to do some Spending!