How to Finish a Quilt

Finishing a quilt isn’t something that quilters tend to figure out on their own, without the help of fellow quilters. We learn from watching others, taking the skills we see applied to the craft, and using them in our own quilts. Batting, backing, quilting and binding – it takes several steps to get to the quilting finish line. If you don’t want your quilts to end up in your UFO (unfinished objects) pile, finishing your quilts is a must.

Before browsing all of our helpful tips below, read on to see what we have in store for you…

Do you know how to finish a quilt? If you don’t, we’ll help you find your way to success! If you already know how to complete your quilting projects, the latest and greatest quilting lessons in quilting, binding and more are here to help you become more efficient and accurate in your quilting. Once you know how to complete a quilt with confidence, the process becomes simpler.

If you’re on the hunt for anything binding, start here. We discuss binding techniques, binding with various fabrics and different methods that work for you. If you’re after quilting lessons and tutorials, you’re in luck! We have plenty of resources for both domestic sewing machines and longarm machines. In our articles, “Quilting the Quilt,” Dawn Cavanaugh discusses useful techniques and offers tips on working with certain materials, troubleshooting, and so on. The accompanying photographs make you feel like you’re in the room, following along, as she shows you the ropes. Very helpful! Stay tuned – more articles are added all the time!

Take a look around and see if there’s anything here that will improve your quilting. Completing a quilt is no small feat! We’re here to support you, every step of the way.

Happy Quilting!

Tip Tuesday: Machine and Hand Quilting Basics

When quilting our quilts, a little friendly advice can go a long way. Machine quilting and hand quilting are acquired skills that take time. Sometimes, ideas on quilting designs – free motion quilting designs and hand quilting designs – are a hot commodity. Here are some quilting basics from fellow quilters that are meant to inspire you with your…

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: My Favorite Quilt Binding Technique

Finishing your quilts can be a process, but you can do it with confidence! I think of quilt binding as the last chance to add to the overall look of the quilt – it should complement the quilt top. So, get those unfinished projects out of the closet and turn them into finished quilts. Follow along and learn about my favorite quilt binding technique.

Tip Tuesday: 9 Unique Quilt Binding Tips & Tricks

Almost every quilter is going to create binding for quilt projects, unless they pay someone else to do it. The thought may have crossed your mind at some point! But, as always, Fons & Porter is here to help and so are our loyal quilter friends. Learn 9 ways to enhance your quilt binding experience!

Below are 9 great quilt binding tips submitted to Fons & Porter by quilters like you! See if there’s anything here that makes you go, “Well, that makes sense! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Angela Huffman - Craft Daily

Tip Tuesday: How to Free Motion Quilt with Angela Huffman

Don’t panic! We’ve all been there. Free motion quilting is a skill – you aren’t going to “get it” right away. Guess what? Your 4th grade teacher prepared you for quilting without even knowing it! Find your free motion happy place by discovering quilting motifs that work for you and help you to branch out into other designs. Expert quilter, Angela Huffman, is our guest blogger and gives you the information you need to start on your own successful free motion quilting adventure, whether at a domestic sewing machine or longarm quilting machine.

Tip Tuesday: Quilt Binding Tips from Quilt Experts

You probably already know how to bind a quilt, but quilting from start to finish is a personal process and means that binding a quilt varies from quilter to quilter. Even the experts differ on how they choose to finish a quilt. Adding quilt binding to your quilt can be tricky business for some quilters, but it…

Stand Up Quilters, Learn the Longarm Fundamentals

A quilt without quilting is just a blanket. Not only does quilting add another level of texture and personality to your quilt, but quilting a quilt on the longarm, midarm or shortarm is just plain fun! Usually when we start quilting ourselves, we begin tentatively, with questions and feeling unsure we’re doing it all right. In this…

Fons & Porter Binding Tool

Tip Tuesday – 7 Quilt Binding Tips

Quilt binding is one of those tricky techniques that every quilter has to work at over time (well, most of us, anyway). We welcome advice from fellow quilters on finishing a quilt – it’s so helpful to hear how other quilters approach this process! You’ve spoken and we’ve listened and now we’re passing this invaluable information along to other quilters. Take a look at some of the quilt binding techniques and tips that just might be useful to you.

Quilting the Quilt: Find Your Feather Style

Feathers can be quilted in many different ways, and no one style is better than another. Use the feather style that suits your quilt project and your skill level. With a little practice, you’ll soon be feathering every quilt in sight!  I reached into the Love of Quilting vault and came across this informative article on…

Machine Binding vs. Hand Binding

I suppose the title of this blog isn’t exactly what I wanted to get at. I don’t want machine and hand binding to duke it out, and I don’t think one is necessarily better than the other. The thing about quilting as an art and hobby is that there are numerous ways to practice a medley…

Sew Easy Binding Video Lesson[L]

Binding Video Lesson

Do you know how to bind a quilt or have you only experimented with the so-called “cheater binding” before? It’s OK if you have! Many quilters are trepidatious to actually bind their quilts when they get started quilting. Whether you’re still green to the craft or have been quilting for quite some time, this video…