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For quilters, two color quilt patterns provide inspiration to those looking for a simple but gorgeous quilting pattern to work on. Keeping the overall quilting motif simple with a two-tone color palette makes the finished quilt really stand out. Whether the quilting pattern you choose is a gorgeous nine patch quilting pattern or a more modern quilting pattern, two color quilts like the four free quilting patterns in this eBook from Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting are so stunning to look at.

This free eBook from Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting has all of the details you need to learn how to make each of the free quilting patterns below including:

  • “The Glorified Nine Patch” free quilting pattern, using this speedy type of quilt to make a traditional quilting pattern shine.
  • The “Black & White” free quilting pattern that combines dramatic looks with straight quilt piecing to create a bold, textured look.
  • “Dave’s Irish Chain,” a classic quilt combined with stitched Celtic Knots to carry an Irish theme throughout this free quilting pattern.
  • “Floral Reflections,” a free quilting pattern that combines the look of a floral quilt pattern with gorgeous quilting appliqué.

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Two Color Quilts eBook


Download your Free Quilting Pattern eBook Offering – Two Color Quilt Patterns from Fons & Porter – Now!

If you love the traditional look of two color quilt patterns or want something that will make your quilt pop, this free eBook from Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting will provide you with everything you need to make each of these four free quilting patterns. Whether you love the timeless elegance of the “Glorified Nine Patch” free quilting pattern or love the look of the floral appliqué in the “Floral Reflections” free quilting pattern, you’re sure to find something that you will love to quilt in this free eBook.

bed sized two color quilt pattern

Free Quilting Pattern #1:

“The Glorified Nine Patch”
Using a simple template to cut the pieces for this quilt in an easy manner, this free quilting pattern comes together with ease. Learning how to make this quilt is simple with this combination of a classic stitching pattern with simple squares. This quilt also uses fat quarters, keeping the cost to make this free quilt pattern low. There is also a free sewing lesson from Sew Easy to help make this challenging quilt simpler. Using batik quilt fabrics can also make this simple quilt pattern that much easier.


Free Quilting Pattern #2:

“The Black & White”
Contemporary flair and drama make this quilt modern. The combination of simple quilt piecing and bold, textured fabrics make this quilt an easy one to love. Complete with a full block assembly diagram, this free quilting pattern comes with everything you’ll need to learn how to quilt it. The assembly of the quilt top for this free quilting pattern is both stunning and simple enough for quilters of all levels.

green and white two color quilt

Free Quilting Pattern #3:

“Dave’s Irish Chain”
A classic quilt pattern with an Irish inspiration, this free quilting pattern is gorgeous both for the simple two color quilting and for the quilting stitches. An eye-catching quilt pattern, “Dave’s Irish Chain” can be made in numerous different sizes – from a bed size quilt to a crib or baby quilt pattern.

Blue two color quilt

Free Quilting Pattern #4:


“Floral Reflections”
This lovely quilt from the collection of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska, this two color quilt pattern pops with a unique quilt assembly. Hand floral appliqué provides the stunning detail that makes this traditional quilt pattern catch the eye.

Download this Free eBook Loaded with Two Color Quilting Patterns that you will Love to Quilt!

Two color quilting patterns are unique quilting patterns because they are so focused. Rather than incorporating numerous fabric lines or color schemes, the two color quilts in this free eBook from Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting stay simple and let the quilting on the quilt top shine. Use these quilting inspirations to develop your own quilts combining your own interests.