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One of the more traditional types of quilting patterns, star quilting patterns are popular with quilters for many reasons. Some quilters love the history embedded in well-known star quilting patterns like Lone Star quilts or Ohio Star quilts. Other quilters love the aesthetic that star quilting patterns bring to a gorgeous quilt. Certain star quilting patterns can help quilters learn how to quilt while other star quilt patterns are perfect for the experienced quilter looking for a challenge. The diversity of star quilting patterns available in this free eBook make them perfect quilting patterns – no matter what you’re looking for. This free eBook from Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting provides you with four diverse star quilting patterns that you will love to quilt time and time again.

In this free eBook from Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting, you’ll learn how to make each of the star quilt patterns below. Which of these star quilt patterns will be your favorite?

  • The “Summer Star” quilting pattern, featuring one large block and an ornate striped border.
  • The “My Stars” quilting pattern, that uses fat quarters to create this scrappy star quilt.
  • The “Birthday Stars” quilting pattern full of bright and beautiful colors.
  • The “Echoing Stars” quilting pattern featuring the popular Flying Geese quilt units to make this gorgeous quilt.
Free Star Quilting Patterns
Learn How to Make A Star Quilt!
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For quilters, star quilting patterns provide unlimited opportunities. No matter what type of quilts you enjoy quilting – from Civil War quilting patterns to modern quilts – there is a star quilting pattern that will suit your interest. The four free quilting patterns in this eBook provide a glimpse at the diversity star quilting patterns can bring. From the vibrant and lovely “Birthday Stars” quilting pattern to the easy, large block-based “Summer Star” quilting pattern, you’ll love how many different options these quilting patterns bring.
Traditional Pink Star Quilt

Star Quilting Pattern #1: “Summer Star”

This free star quilting pattern is perfect for the intermediate quilter looking for a twin size quilt pattern. Featuring one large quilt block and a striped border, this gorgeous quilt is the perfect complement for any room.

Red Star Quilt

Star Quilting Pattern #2: “My Stars”

This fat quarter friendly quilting pattern takes 30 star quilt blocks and combines them into a stunning completed quilt. This scrappy star quilting pattern features sawtooth borders and bold red prints that help it shine. This quilting pattern is also paired with a sewing lesson from Sew Easy to help make the perfect flying geese units for your quilts. This tutorial is also helpful for the “Echoing Stars” quilting pattern and for improving your overall quilting skills.

Kid Star Quilt

Star Quilting Pattern #3: “Birthday Stars”

Using bright colored quilting fabrics, some freezer paper and a sewing lesson tutorial from Sew Easy, you will be able to make unique quilted stars without any templates. The sewing lesson accompanying this quilting pattern from Sew Easy helps you make unique stars for the perfect star quilt.

Patriotic Star Quilt

Star Quilting Pattern #4: “Echoing Stars”

This traditional star quilting pattern combines Flying Geese units, Evening Star quilt blocks and Rising Star quilt blocks to create this gorgeous quilt. Bright, batik quilting fabrics and a unique quilt block assembly make this quilt pattern perfect for quilters looking for a fun star quilting pattern.


Free Star Quilting Patterns are Perfect for Quilters of all Levels. Download Now!

One of the most appealing aspects of star quilting patterns is the gorgeous shapes and quilts that something as simple as a star can work to create. Using these free star quilting patterns from Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting, you will be able to create various star quilting patterns that you will love to quilt time and time again.