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This free eBook provides you with quilt blocks galore and a guide showing how to make a quilt using each of the 100 quilt blocks featured in this eBook. These quilt blocks will give you numerous ideas on how to make a patchwork quilt. These blocks also make it easy for you to customize a quilt to fit your style.

Whether you are just learning how to quilt and want a little bit of assistance with quilt blocks or you are an experienced quilter looking for gorgeous free quilt patterns, this Block Buster quilt pattern book from Fons & Porter can help shape your projects today. Best of all, there are 100 free quilt blocks to choose from. Mix and match different quilt blocks or stick with one. The decision is up to you!
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Quilt Made With Quilt Blocks

100 Free Quilt Blocks Patterns Can Be Yours In Minutes! Download this Free eBook Now For Endless Quilting Opportunities!Each quilt block in the

Block Buster eBook from Fons & Porter is a part of a family of quilt blocks. Whether you are looking to create a Civil War quilt, a floral quilt or a traditional quilt, these quilt blocks will spark the inspiration you need to get started on your next quilt now.

Civil War Quilt Block

Quilt Block Collection #1: Civil War Quilt Blocks

Civil War quilts are a perennial favorite for many quilters in the United States. With this gorgeous collection of quilt blocks, you’ll be able to make wonderful pinwheel quilt pattern like Clay’s Choice and Yankee Puzzle or a good ole star quilt pattern like the Union Star.

1930's Quilt Block

Quilt Block Collection #2: Traditional Quilt Blocks

This 1930s-inspired collection of quilt blocks features bright colors and a nostalgic feeling. Of course, there are “oldies” are “goodies” with quilt blocks like the Shoo Fly that are ready to leap off the quilt, but there’s also the Ohio Star quilt block ready to bring tradition back. You can’t go wrong with elegant traditional quilts in your favorite reproduction quilt fabrics.


Quilt Block Collection #3: Floral Quilt Blocks

Enthusiasts of floral quilts will love this collection of six floral quilt blocks. Stunning quilt patterns like the Birds in the Air will look exceptional with your personalized color choice. Whether modern or traditional, like the Best of All quilt block to the left, all floral quilt patterns will look amazing in your home as accents or bold design elements.


Quilt Block Collection #4: Oriental Quilt Blocks

Inspired by the Far East, these oriental quilts bring you the best of Japanese quilt patterns and Chinese quilt motifs. Gorgeous quilt block shapes like those found in the Chinese Coin and Mosaics are inspiring all on their own. Make a quilt like you never have before and add to your quilting portfolio using the stunning oriental quilt blocks in this eBook.


Quilt Block Collection #5: Batik Quilt Blocks

Most quilters love batik quilt patterns using batik fabrics. If you’re one of these quilters, you’re in luck! The free Block Busters quilt block eBook features 9 different batik quilt blocks that perfectly feature the striking, bold designs of batik fabrics.

Don’t miss your chance to download this extraordinary eBook packed full of Quilt Block designs!

If you’re a quilter looking for ideas or just someone who loves find inspiration by discovering brand new quilt blocks, this free Block Buster eBook from Fons & Porter is likely to fit all of your needs. Featuring 100 quilt blocks and full instructions on how to make a quilt for each quilt block, this collection is sure to be a favorite.

Learn how to make a quilt using all the quilt blocks you’ll find in this free eBook. This eBook provides 100 quilt blocks and a guide showing how to make a quilt with each quilt block. With 100 quilt blocks you’ll find in this eBook, you’ll have countless ideas for your next quilt project. You can be as creative as you wish since these quilt blocks give you plenty of freedom to try different quilt pattern options.