Free Log Cabin Quilt Patterns eBook

Free Quilt Patterns featuring Log Cabin Quilts eBook from Fons & Porter!

Get FREE Quilt Patterns featuring Log Cabin Quilts eBook from Fons & Porter. Many quilters love Log Cabin quilt layouts because of the design’s history and the interpretation of this history through contemporary quilts. The Log Cabin quilt pattern was borrowed from ancient Egyptian and Roman materials and tile work and has thrived throughout the centuries. During the 1860s, the Log Cabin quilt began appearing at state fairs and grew in popularity from there.

This free eBook from Fons & Porter brings this history to life with 4 delightful Log Cabin quilt layouts. These quilts feature traditional Log Cabin quilt blocks, as well as variations, such as Chevron and Courthouse Steps quilt blocks. This free eBook shows you how simple it can be to construct a Log Cabin quilt pattern and how slight variations in color or arrangement can totally change the overall look of your finished quilts.

This free eBook from Fons & Porter provides you with all of the instructions, patterns and diagrams you will need to make each Log Cabin quilt pattern come to life:

  • Mod Cabin:
    A traditional design with a modern take, the classic Log Cabin becomes a chevron design in this quick quilt. With 32 finished blocks that create a polished look, this fun and colorful quilt speaks of simplicity and harkens back to the history of log cabin designs as seen in contemporary quilt patterns.
  • Curved Log Cabin:
    Stunning is the perfect way to describe this quilt. Make it your own by using your stash! Go with a similar color scheme or change it up for a more personal feel. Log Cabin blocks are arranged to create a one-of-a-kind look. If you like a traditional feel to your contemporary quilts, this Log Cabin quilt pattern is the one for you.
  • Winding Ways:

    This quilt design is the result of taking traditional Log Cabin quilt blocks and playing with the arrangement. A darling of contemporary quilt patterns, Winding Ways uses identical Log Cabin blocks situated in a variety of ways to make a cohesive and interesting design that is bound to impress.

  • Sunshine & Shadows:
    Traditional Log Cabin quilt layouts include the Sunshine and Shadow design. We’ve taken that traditional design and made it our own in one of our favorite contemporary quilts. Use your scraps to make this quilt or purchase the quilt kit and have all of the fabrics sent to you.

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Download free quilt patterns for gorgeous quilts you will love to work on!
Get your free Quilt Patterns featuring Log Cabin Quilts eBook from Fons & Porter!

According to folklore, the red center of a Log Cabin quilt represents the cabin’s heart while the yellow square represents a lighted window. Folklore aside, these quilts continue to be one of the most popular quilting patterns among quilters since the 1860s when the design started to gain favor. Some contemporary quilt patterns featuring Log Cabin quilt layouts emphasize stripes pieced on a foundation. Because the Log Cabin design has a deep-rooted history and is valued, well known and versatile, it has been interpreted in many ways throughout the years. No matter how you approach each Log Cabin quilt pattern, this free eBook from Fons & Porter pays homage to the Log Cabin design through four incredible quilt patterns.

Mod Cabin Quilt

“Mod Cabin” by Corey Yoder

A traditional design with a twist, this quilt fits in well with contemporary quilts and modern designs, but still keeps a traditional flavor that Log Cabin lovers will recognize. This quilt feels fresh and clean – a white background with pops of color in the blocks, and makes for a great homemade gift as it assembles quickly.

  • Finished Size: 72″ x 89″
  • Finished Blocks: 32 (12″) blocks
  • Project Rating: Easy
Curved Log Cabin Quilt

“Curved Log Cabin” by Blue Underground Studios

A stunning example of the power of the super-scrappy quilt, this is a Log Cabin with curves. Over 60 different yellows and oranges are reined in by a sophisticated slate gray. If you prefer to go with different colorways, have at it! Personalize this quilt with your own color scheme.

  • Finished Size: 72″ x 89″
  • Finished Blocks: 32 (12″) blocks
  • Project Rating: Easy
 Winding Ways Quilt

“Winding Ways” by Jane Vaughan

If we were to sum up this unique arrangement of Log Cabin blocks in one word, it would have to be eye-catching. This quilt produces a winning design that is nothing short of spectacular. Duplicate this quilt design using 80 identical blocks joined in a variety of directions. What’s more? This is a fat quarter friendly project.

  • Finished Size: 60″ x 75″
  • Finished Blocks: 80 (7 1/2″) blocks
  • Project Rating: Intermediate


Sunshine & Shadow Quilt

“Sunshine & Shadows” by the Love of Quilting Staff

10″ pre-cut squares were used to create this Log Cabin block quilt. A favorite among quilters, this quilt is scrap friendly, so break out your stash and get to it! This updated version of a basic Log Cabin quilt design speaks to every skill level.

  • Finished Size: 64″ x 80″
  • Finished Blocks: 80 (8″) blocks
  • Project Rating: Easy
Download your free Quilt Patterns featuring Log Cabin Quilts eBook from Fons & Porter today for stunning quilts!

Log Cabin quilts are loved by quilters of all skill levels. They’re beautiful to look at, but can also be simple to put together. Each of these quilts in this free eBook from Fons & Porter tells a story about the Log Cabin design, its history, and they help to carry on a tradition that quilters have participated in since the mid-1800s. We show our passion for quilting through the quilts we make! These delightful quilts are perfect for home décor or as gifts for others. Once you download this free eBook, you’ll be a Fons & Porter family member! This means that you’ll receive our free eNewsletter, special weekly deals, and insider details on upcoming features in our magazines. We really enjoy making quilts and we want you to enjoy it as much as we do.