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Patriotic Patterns: Civil War Quilt Patterns — Free from Fons & Porter!

Whether you consider yourself a civil war buff or just love civil war fabrics full of with honorable color schemes, Fons & Porter’s new Civil War Era Quilts eBook is sure to please. With classic quilt blocks like those for underground railroad quilts, Ohio Star patterns and more, Civil War Era Quilt Patterns makes quilting simple. Presented by Marianne Fons and Liz Porter, these quilt patterns feature some of the best patriotic quilts you’ve ever seen!

This FREE eBook provides simple instructions for five Civil War quilt patterns and block patterns, as well as help to put it all together into one Civil War quilt.

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Looking for a patriotic quilt pattern? Let Fons & Porter help with these 5 Free Civil War Quilt Patterns!

Whether you’re using traditional Civil War fabrics to make a gorgeous patriotic quilt or just a pattern for a Civil War quilt, let your quilting speak for you. With this collection of powerful quilt blocks, the emotion is there in every stitch you make. When put into a large quilt or block, these Civil War quilts deserve to be hung on the wall with the pride that they’ve earned!<


Free Civil War Era Quilt Pattern #1:”The Evening Star”

A great quilt to make using fat quarters, this quilt features 20 Evening Star blocks. Using simple and repetitive quilt blocks in larger patterns like this makes quilting easy and quick. The quilt pictured here uses mellow yellows, blues and browns to bring the Civil War quilt pattern to the forefront. However, it’s easy to use other color schemes if desired.
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Free Civil War Era Quilt Pattern #2:”The Washington Pavement”

A great quilt for using up fat eighths, this Civil War quilt pattern features album-style blocks — a very popular look for Civil War quilts. This wonderful quilt can also be made using lots of different fabrics for a more scrappy feeling. Like all of the Civil War Era Quilt patterns in this FREE eBook, this guide includes full instructions on how to make a quilt including block assembly details, quilt assembly details and notes for finishing the quilt.
civil war star quilt

Free Civil War Era Quilt Pattern #3:”Hummingbird”

Using simple quilting techniques, this homemade Civil War quilt pattern is reminiscent of little hummingbirds. This smaller quilt stuns when made with patriotic quilt colors like red, blue and tan. Designer Judie Rothermel designed this quilt to look like something a young girl might have made for her dolls in the nineteenth century. As a result, this great Civil War quilt pattern is a wonderful quilt pattern to show the young girl in your life how to quilt.

Free Civil War Era Quilt Pattern #4:”Antique Civil War Star”

A popular convention in Civil War quilts is to use 6 inch or smaller squares to create a much larger quilt. This Civil War era pattern utilizes 4 1/2″ Ohio Star quilt blocks to make this 54″ by 74″ quilt. In addition to using simple quilt blocks, this quilt pattern is great for fat quarters and fat eighths.

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Whether you are drawn to Civil War quilt patterns for their traditional designs, their stunning color combinations or easily patterned blocks, this collection of 5 Free Civil War quilt patterns is a must-have. Each block is handcrafted by the team at Fons & Porter — a leading name in the quilting world. Complete with cutting charts and strip width references, you can get started on your Civil War quilt patterns right away!