Free Appliqué Quilt Patterns eBook

Easy Appliqué Quilt Patterns eBook from Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting

For many quilters, appliqué quilts provide an easy way to add additional flair to any quilt pattern. Quilt appliqué also allows quilters to experiment with various shapes that they might not be able to easily incorporate into a quilt block as a part of a finished quilt. Quilted appliqué also sets up the possibility to experiment with different types of quilt patterns than those you may typically enjoy quilting. Learn how to quilt one of the beautiful free quilt patterns shown below, all featuring quilted appliqué. If you’ve never worked on a quilt pattern that features quilted appliqué, these 3 free quilt patterns are a great place to start. Armed with the easy to understand quilting instructions, simple to print templates and your quilting tools, you will be able to put together any of these beautiful quilts.

This free eBook from Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine comes armed with everything you need to learn how to quilt the appliqué quilts shown below including:

  • “Sailing,” a beautiful free applique quilt pattern featuring a picturesque maritime scene any ocean or beach lover would love to have hanging on their wall.
  • “Sweet Hearts,” featuring appliquéd quilt hearts perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift to a loved one or just a touch to spread some love around.
  • The “Wool Penny Rug” table topper quilt pattern featuring stunning quilt wool appliqué and machine sewn details that you could also choose to hand sew for a personal touch.

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Applique quilting made easy for quilters of all levels

Download Your FREE Appliqué Quilts eBook Now to Get Started On These Stunning Quilt Patterns!

If you’ve ever wanted to work on an appliqué quilt pattern, here’s your chance! Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting is known for their top-quality instruction and fabulous quilt designs so you know you’re working with one of the best sources for quilters available. Whether you’re looking for a wall quilt pattern or a table topper, we know you will find something you will love in this free eBook. Each of these quilt appliqué projects is on the smaller size as well so you won’t feel frustrated by the size of your quilt when trying to learn a new quilt technique. We know you will adore these appliqué quilts whether you use them around the home as DIY decor or if you give them away to charity or your friend

Applique Quilting for Your DIY Wall Decor

Free Appliqué Quilt Pattern #1:

Sailing by Lori Hein

This free appliqué quilt pattern uses batik quilt fabrics to create a dramatic finished look. Combining stunning batik colors with a beautiful quilt design creates a lovely free wall hanging quilt pattern that any lover of the sea will adore. From nautical fans to those who love hanging out at the beach, the luscious deep blue background and golden colored fabrics will invoke all the memories of the ocean. Those looking for a first appliqué quilt pattern will likely be drawn to this easy quilt pattern that makes good use of fat quarters and fat eighth quilt fabrics.

Applique Quilt Hearts

Free Appliqué Quilt Pattern #2

Sweet Hearts by Kathy Mynkelwitz

This free appliqué quilt pattern mixes heart shapes into a very special quilt to share with your Valentine’s Day sweetheart or just someone you love. This quilt pattern would also make a lovely quilt to give to charity to make sure someone out there knows they are loved. Shown here using red and white quilt fabrics, this quilt would also make a beautiful crib quilt for the special little one in your life. The appliquéd quilt hearts help to make this quilt pop right off of the fabric! We know you’ll love working on this quilt almost as much as you will love giving it to someone in your life!

Wool Rug Applique Quilt Top

Free Appliqué Quilt Pattern #3

Wool Penny Rug by Diane Ide

This wool penny rug uses trendy colors and modern quilt fabrics to create an inspired appliqué quilt that whips up in no time. In fact, to make the quilt that much faster, designer Diane Ide uses the decorative stitches on her sewing machine in order to make the process that much faster. If you prefer to do the stitching by hand, there is a Sew Easy lesson filled with several decorative hand embroidery stitches you can use such as a backstitch, cross stitch, blanket stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch and whipstitch. There are even additional decorative stitches such as the french knot and spoke stitch that can help you create a powerful look.

This Free Appliqué Quilt eBook from Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting is Filled with Beautiful Quilt Patterns!

Each of the free appliqué quilt patterns in this free eBook are perfect for any quilter interested in appliqué. Whether you’re a beginning quilter with an interest in quilt appliqué or have been quilting for quite some time and find yourself drawn to the technique, we know you will love each of the patterns in this eBook! Each of these free quilt patterns makes good use of different fabrics – from wool felt to fat quarter packs of cotton.