FP News - Sentimental Garden Time

Sentimental Garden Time

Submitted via email by Judy Jones from League City, TX

I was inspired to make the Garden Time wall hanging from the July/August 2012 issue of Love of Quilting for our parents’ 60th wedding anniversary coming up in October. Since they have nine children, it seemed appropriate to let the nine flowers represent each of us – 6 girls and 3 boys and then add buttons for each of the grandchildren and ladybug and bee buttons for each of the great grandchildren. This was an opportunity to try raw-edge appliqué and use the blanket stitch on my sewing machine to outline the pieces. For a bit more texture and dimension, I made yo-yo’s for the flower centers and added buttons with rhinestone centers. Using a solid fabric for the watering can allowed me to use the printer to add commemorative information. When the sisters recently gathered for a group-quilting weekend, my sister, Nadine, quilted it on her Statler Stitcher. I think my mother will be pleased to know that the wall hanging was made from materials in my stash. Thanks for all the creative inspiration included in Love of Quilting.



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