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Circle of Life

Submitted by Lucy Golden from Louisiana

After the death of her much loved grandmother, my daughter-in-law, Penny, brought me her Nannie's sewing notions. In a small box there were fifty 8" circles cut out of various small prints. I wondered what they were meant to be and stored them. In the early spring I picked up several of your magazines at a local estate sale. When I turned to your Circle of Life quilt in the March/April 2006 Love of Quilting issue, I knew immediately what the circles needed to become. Nannie's fabrics and a green print I purchased were used to make the appliquéd circles and the 2" squares. I altered the outside strip to have seven squares per corner to represent good luck and good fortune to the family and three squares in the middle to represent the Trinity. I gave the quilt to Penny on her birthday and asked her to pass it on to her daughter when she has her first child. Thus, the circle of life will be complete for the family with Nannie as the anchor. It was a pleasure to present Penny with a tangible piece of her beloved grandmother. This is the first quilt I made from start to finish. I hand appliquéd and quilted it. You gave me the inspiration for this demanding project. Thank you!

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