FP News - 175th Celebration

175th Celebration

Submitted by Bonnie Wachter, Mt. Pulaski, IL

To celebrate the 175th anniversary of Mount Pulaski, IL, the Mt. Pulaski Women in Business organization decided to raffle a quilt with the proceeds to support the scholarships we give to local students. Having missed the meeting in which this decision was made, and being the only quilter in the group, the challenge of creating the quilt was passed to me. (Lesson: don't miss meetings!!) With the help of members and other community members, we compiled historical pictures of our small town of 1700 people. I was looking for a pattern that wasn't the typical "tic-tac-toe" design and chose to use the Stars quilt in the November/December 2010 issue of your magazine. Instead of stars in the blocks, I used the digital pictures on printer fabric. Since the 175th celebration was held over the Fourth of July, we decided to use a patriotic theme for the fabrics. I didn't quilt the top, but the quilter stitched flags, stars, text, and other items on the quilt. The finished project was a hit with the community, selling over 1000 tickets and enough to support a scholarship. The winner of the raffle turned out to be a 96-year old lady who is a life-long resident of Mt. Pulaski and is VERY active in the community. (She volunteers at the local nursing home!!).

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