Fons & Porter Master ClassFrequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Fons & Porter Master Classes.

1.    How much do the classes cost?
a.    It depends on the individual class.  Class fees currently range from $13 to $20.

2.    What’s included in the class?
a.    With each class, you will receive unlimited access to the class for 2 months, plus technical support and a class handout

3.    How many times may I watch the purchased class?
a.    Unlimited within the 2 month membership.  You may rewind, pause, fast forward so you can sew right along with your instructor

4.    How do I access the class after I have paid for it?
a.    Visit and click on “My Dashboard” in the sub-navigation link on the right hand side of the page.  After you are in your Dashboard, you will see a link to the educational videos.  Simply click on the link and watch your video!

5.    Is each class the same length of time?
a.    Each class is individually tailored for the specific topic.  Please check the class information page of the class you are interested in for more details.

6.    Can I share it with a friend?
a.    Each class is for individual use and sharing will result in copy right violations

7.    Do I need special computer software?
a.    You may use the video software already on your computer.  Nothing special is required for viewing. 

8.    Will you be adding more classes?
a.    Yes!  Please check back for new classes.  We are hoping to add more all the time.

9.    Would you create a class around a certain project/style/fabric line?
a.    We are always looking for new class ideas.  Please email us and we will be happy to consider it.

10.    Would you have my favorite teacher do a class?
a.    Please have the teacher email us and we will be happy to consider for future classes.

11.    May I start and stop the program so I can review certain areas of the video?
a.    Yes, you may start, stop, pause, rewind as many times as you wish during the two month period.

12.    May I ask the author questions?
a.    Please email all questions and we will be happy to forward to the individual teachers.

13.    Where are the products available if I want to be prepared before I watch or buy after I watch?
a.    Please check out your local quilt shop or for product you see in the videos.

14.    Will these videos be available on DVD? 
a.    The videos are available at only.