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May 6th , 2009 • NEWSLETTER
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Do you have all of your favorite grad's covered yet?
High school and college graduations are just around the corner and typically, this is one of those gift giving opportunities that lets us step outside our normal comfort zone and experiment with some of those bold new colors or geometric patterns and designs. Or, what a perfect time to try some fun pictorial memory quilts using photo transfer paper. Sending a new grad out on his own, into that big, scary world with his own personalized and comforting quilt – well, that's just a nice thing to do. Our new May/June 2009 issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting is out on stands now and is full of some great new projects perfect for the young graduate.


An idea for your church submitted by Judy Chadwic.

"Our church has a wonderful youth program.  Every year some of the teenagers graduate from high school.  For the past five years a group of us ladies made "cuddle" quilts for the graduates to "send them off to college wrapped in Valley's love."  The students' parents let us know what their favorite two colors are and what interests they have.  This year we have 13 quilts to make using the 9-patch pattern and their favorite colors.  Each sewer prepares a quilt top along with the batting and backing, and then we all come together to tie them.  Then they are taken home ready to be bound.  Two men from the church prepare the labels for us and then they are sewn on the back.  At one of our Sunday services the quilts are wrapped around the students by the person who made it.  It is a gift of love for those who participate, and the students look forward to receiving this special gift from their church family."



And yet another of my favorite quotes, submitted by Lanette Phillips.
        “Quilting costs less than a psychiatrist.”


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Is there hidden money in your stash?? submitted by Donna Weber.

“With a recession underway and a depression looming, many are finding it hard to pay their monthly bills, never mind buying new fabric. However, there are options for some frugal quilters that can help boost their stash while not busting the family budget.

Sometimes your stash contains hidden potential beyond the obvious – becoming a future quilt.

I recently decided to go through my stash and organize it, and in the process, I realized I had acquired many fabrics I know I will never use. Some of the fabrics were given to me, but I must admit that some are "what was I thinking when I bought THAT?!" purchases. Granted, our taste changes over time and a lot of those 'gotta haves' have turned into 'I don't want it any mores.' So take a good look at your stash and see if you can improve it without 'buying' more.

One way to do this, and have some fun in the process, is to set up a fabric swap with a bunch of your quilting buddies. Swaps can be in someone's home or garage or at a library, church or a community room. Some swaps can be preceded by email requests, ie: if you need blues or stripes, let your quilting friends know ahead of time – sometimes quilters are more willing to part with fabrics, even those they know they will never use, if they know someone else needs them now. Everyone should be encouraged to bring a mix of high and low-end fabrics, variety is the key to making the swap fun and productive for everyone. And the end result? New fabric for everyone and no one had to pay anything for it. And for those 'uglies' that have to come back home with you, there are other ways to handle them besides banishing them back to your closet forever.

Perhaps some of the local guilds host seasonal boutiques where for a small fee or percentage of sales, a member can rent a table and fill it up with all of her unwanted stash. Pieces will need to be clearly labeled with size/yardage, fabric content, etc., and price. Or flea markets and garage sales work great, too. Just be sure to always plan ahead so the day goes smooth for everyone.

A final option does not involve even leaving the house at all. Websites like eBay and Craigslist are the perfect vehicles to sell your unwanted fabrics without much, if any traveling. Browse the sites to see how other sellers list and display their fabrics. The sites offer a host of tools that help to facilitate the selling process, even for newbies. Just be sure to read all the information and policies before signing up or selling at item on the web. And ask around, maybe one of your quilting buddies has experience on selling on the web, and they would be a great source of information.

Cutting back financially does not mean that we can't still add to our existing stash – we just need to be resourceful.”

One pattern for two sisters with very different tastes submitted by Faith Evans.

“I made two very different quilts with the pattern 'Study in Black & White' from the March/April 2008 issue of Love of Quilting. Both of the quilts were made for sisters; one sister loves black and white, and the other sister just received her doctorate in the study of bugs (it's amazing how many fabrics are out there with bugs on them).

I hope to make this same pattern again soon, only in batiks. Thank you for such a versatile pattern.”

Happy Quilting!
    Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

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