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Don't leave that unfinished project behind
As you are scheduling your summer vacations and trips, keep in mind that an unfinished quilt can be a great traveling partner. What better way to pass the time in a busy airport than by turning your attention to some fun hand-appliqué blocks – and they can fit conveniently into your carry-on bag (remember that your metal scissors will need to have blades shorter than four inches).

Or, even if you're planning a road trip to the Grand Canyon – many a masterpiece has been cut out on a campground picnic table with bindings later sewn on by the light of a campfire. Quilts are all about memories, and the more memories you can tuck into those unfinished seams – the better.

FYI: the summer issue of Easy Quilts has a perfect appliqué project for some on-the-road practice. The 'Divine Vines' quilt features appliquéd leaves and vines stitched onto an easily pieced background. And there's an informative 'SewEasy' insert that will introduce you to the technique of windowing fusible appliqué. You can also download the size options and quilt top assembly diagrams by visiting our website at:



Another of my favorite quotes, submitted by Lanette Phillips
“In the quilt of life; you’re the brightest patch.”


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From our readers submitted by Nita Williamson, written by her daughter Mikki Brunner. Writer/brand voice strategist,

"This story touched my heart and my guilds. It was told to me in bits and pieces by my 85-year-old friend, Amy Jones. She had been hand quilting for sometime but had no idea how to put together her treasure of inherited Nine Patch squares. My daughter, Mikki, has offered to write down the story and be the voice of my friend Amy …" Nina Williamson.

The Friendship Quilt:
A History in Color
It all started in 1926 at Murphee Baptist Church off of Interstate 80 near Mesquite, Texas.  In those days, church and community went hand in hand.  You prayed, rejoiced, and mourned your dead under the same pine rafters where you were baptized.  The church was the fabric of most small towns across America and that was that. 

The Friendship Quilt began as a way to show the considerable talents of the local womenfolk.  These women loved to sew and it showed.  Each member would make a nine and one-half-inch square called a nine-inch using whatever fabric they had on hand.  The only other rule?  Every square would be signed by its creator so that the women could recall the faces of dear friends as time passed.

Throughout the years they gathered, they laughed; sometimes they fretted over this thing or that, but always they quilted.  The threads, like the women themselves, were stronger than they looked.  They were the daughters of farmers married to men like their fathers, plain speaking men that disappeared before sunrise and returned tuckered out and hungry.  Quilting marked the time between Sunday dinners, children, and the trials of a country wife.  As the old adage reminds us, a woman's work is never truly done. 

They survived the Great Depression and, after that, World War II.  They quilted through it all knowing that the simple act of needle and thread would serve as a record of times, good and bad.  When the Friendship Quilt blocks were completed, the women asked the most accomplished and dependable among them to take charge of the squares until they could be assembled.  Gilbert Jones' great grandmother Velma Price carefully packed the squares away in anticipation of the day when the quilt would be made whole.
And then life itself got in the way.  The Korean and Vietnam wars, careers, marriage, and children – life had its own timetable.  The 33 squares, a loving record of their lives, would have to wait.

Gilbert Jones' wife Amy would inherit the squares next.  Gilbert's mother Teresa knew Amy would tend the squares carefully as she had her own children.  Amy packed the squares away, pleased to be a part of its history. 
Years passed and Amy found a friend, an accomplished quilter named Nita Williamson whose passion for quilting rivaled the intricate beauty of her work.   Amy and Nita would bring these beautiful 'Friends' back to life and tell the story they started telling in 1929. Velma and Teresa, smiling down from Heaven, would be proud.

Friendship began this story and love passed it from hand to careful hand; keeping it safe until the women's lives could be honored in 2008.  The beauty of the Friendship Quilt is knowing that friendships like God's very grace, transcends time and hardship to touch our lives and the lives of those after us.
Listed below are the women who touched this colorful artwork; a patchwork testament to lives well lived:

                   1920's -----------------------------------------------2008
Teresa W.;  Pink B.;   Rigan B.;   Tahmeroo W.;   Eva J.;   Helen R.;   Jurene P.;   Carry Y.;  Bertha B.;   Verlin B.;   Nellie E.;   Hattie D.;  
T. P.;   E. P.;   L. P.;   P. P.;   Nancy M.;  W. Mac;   Sibbie M.;   L. L.;   R.P.;   Ridner;   M. P.; and Claton.                                                                   

A few added names of those who also served, many years later...
Amy Gilbert, Nita Williamson and Linda Barron

Happy Quilting!
    Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

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