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An ageless craft
One of the truly great things about quilting is there are simply no age limits. An 85-year-old woman is just as apt to be starting a nine-patch quilt as her 12-year-old great-granddaughter.  And while one may be drawn to subtle fabrics and muted tones, the other is likely captivated by contemporary fabrics in crazy neon colors. 

Their individual likes and dislikes allow them to sew side by side, working with identical patterns, yet in the end, each one will have created her own unique masterpiece.

Actually, you can take it one step further by pointing out that this craft also has no gender limits. While there once was a time when the mighty hunter flung the 'prey' on the kitchen floor and bellowed, "Woman. Clean it, cook it, and make me a rug" – those times are fortunately long past. Many a man has since proven his own expert sewing skills by creating some of the incredible quilts currently on display at your favorite quilt museums.

In fact, now is a great time to check your dashboard for quilting events that may be coming up in your area. Or, watch for upcoming 4-H exhibits and area quilt shows - you just might be surprised to find out who created some of your local quilting masterpieces.


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From our readers by Rebecca Yarbrough, Nacogdoches, TX Quilt Guild

"I thought you might enjoy this little story of how your work, programs and publications are bringing the love of quilting to the youngest of our generations.

I was exposed to quilting by my great-aunts in Central Texas when I was a very young child; tried my hand at it a while in college in the 70's; and have pursued it in earnest in my 50's as an empty-nester and am active in our local quilt guild. I hope to pass my love of quilting down within my family, and my niece Catherine, is already showing great interest. How wonderful to stimulate creativity in young people and help them learn that by their hands and efforts they can make something of lasting beauty and purpose. Thank you for your help.

I would like to share this fun little story that was printed in our guild's newsletter about my niece Catherine …

My sister Colleen has an 8-year-old daughter, Catherine. Catherine comes and spends a week with me every summer (kind of like going to grandmother's house since I am 12 years older than my sister). The last two summers, I have been teaching her how to piece a quilt and sew on her featherweight, which was her grandmother Turner's. She loves to go to the quilt shops to buy fabric, and loved the Ft. Worth Quilt Show this past fall. This amazes my sister as she has absolutely no interest in sewing and cannot even sew on a button.

Last Saturday, my sister got up around 7:30 a.m., and took her cup of coffee into the living room where Catherine had been up for awhile watching TV. After her coffee kicked in, my sister noticed that Catherine was not tuned into the usual Saturday morning cartoons. Colleen asked her what she was watching and Catherine turned around smiling and said, "Fons & Porter, Mom. It's a show for me and Aunt Becky."

Perhaps Catherine will teach me a few things next summer, and be able to enter a quilt in our next quilt show!"

Happy Quilting!
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