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February 25, 2009 • NEWSLETTER

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Giant Panda
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Just looking…
While we may not have the time right this very minute to start a new project, it never hurts to keep an eye out for new ideas, just in case.

With our special Kids issue coming out in just a couple weeks, prepare yourself for 'project overload'. These are all projects designed with the kid in mind; plus finished sizes are kept in check so time is not such a factor, in fact, you might want to pick out several.

And as always, most of the designs are versatile enough to allow enough tweaking to satisfy anyone's taste. And keep in mind that we love to see our reader's 'tweaking results'.


From our readers…

I love watching your show and met Liz in Nashville last year. I always thought is was kind of silly for you to put on a glove before you cut with a rotary cutter. UNTIL I spent 2 hours in the emergency room Monday night getting 5 stitches to sew up the cut I made in my finger. I know you always stress safety, and you're right, even sewing can be dangerous. Please continue to warn everyone of the dangers. I'm sure my mom will be getting me a protective glove for Christmas this year.

submitted by Susan Jennings, Harrison, AR


“Quilting costs less than a psychiatrist”

submitted by Lanette Phillips

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A Poem by Sue Blevins

"I enjoy your magazine and your programs. I wanted to share a story with you. My mother is eighty-four years old and has heart problems. Her hands shake and she has lost the sight in one eye. Mom was an avid quilter throughout her life. She sewed beautiful quilts and loved reading your magazine. As she is developing some dementia, I am amazed she can give me the names of all the quilts she sees. She is focused on sewing at times and she wants to make all the small children in our family pillows and quilts to keep them warm. She recently gave me a quilt top she made and asked me to quilt it for my great-granddaughter. I wrote a poem to place with the quilt when I give it to her. I hope you enjoy reading it.

With hands so shaky
And hair so white,
Her walk unsteady
And loosing her sight,
She loved me so much
She kept me in mind
The winter of snowing,
The ice so unkind.
Her thoughts of my comfort
Pressed hard on her mind;
A blanket she'd make
Colors of every kind.
Quilts scraps in hand
She checked out her stash;
Discarding not one,
She took up her task.
The best she could see;
She picked pieces with care,
Smiling, remembering,
Each piece she had there.
From a great-great grandma
Came a piece of her dress,
Recycled to cover
And warm this little lass.
Pieces from daddy's
Quilt made long ago,
So many memories
Her mind all aglow.
No thought did she give
Of how to cut straight
It just didn't matter
The little girl waits.
Piece by piece
Cutting, sewing with care
The quilt came alive
With all the love there.   

Stars of my Heart by Millie Moseley, Big Cabin, OK

"I wanted to share with you this small quilt I made using the 'Stars of my Heart' pattern from your Jan/Feb issue of this year. I used only 4 blocks instead of the 6 for the full size quilt and left off the hearts. One of my daughters is really crazy about purples so I am sure this is going to make a great gift for her. I enjoyed making this project and will probably make more. It was simple to make however time consuming with all the pieces but it went together well. I just wanted to say thanks to Nancy Mahoney for the pattern and to Fons & Porter for sharing it in their magazine. I highly recommend making this project."

Happy Quilting!
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